BREAKING: Black Key Bulls victorious in 73rd edition of the men’s Little 500

The Indiana Daily Student will bring you live updates from Bill Armstrong Stadium throughout the 73rd men’s Little 500, set to begin at 2 p.m. EST.

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Lap 200

For the third time in its history, and only a year removed from failing to qualify for the race, Black Key Bulls wins the 2024 Little 500.

Lap 199

The white flag is out as Black Key Bulls looks to finish the job. CUTTERS and Delta Tau Delta fight to finish second.

Lap 195

Black Key Bull’s lead is down to only 8 seconds. Wiley Close goes in for the team, and slowly accelerates. Close’s seat post drops, forcing the team to exchange only two laps later.

Lap 190

Black Key Bulls holds a 17 second advantage over Sigma Alpha Epsilon following an exchange from both teams.

Only 10 laps to go.

Lap 180

The main peloton, once behind Black Key Bulls and Sigma Alpha Epsilon by over 11 seconds, now has sight of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Black Key Bulls and Sigma Phi Epsilon crash during exchanges but rejoin the pack, with Black Key Bulls recovering and speeding ahead to a nine-second lead.

Lap 175

Black Key Bulls and Sigma Alpha Epsilon are now together at the front. The two leaders are ahead of the pack by over 11 seconds.

Lap 170

Black Key Bulls’ Jack Handlos and Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Luke Naas are off the front after a big burn and exchange. They now lead the following group by a quarter lap with 40 to go.

Five bikes — Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, CUTTERS and Chi Alpha — are now within the pack following the two leaders.

Lap 150

Sigma Phi Epsilon makes an exchange and is overtaken by Black Key Bulls and Sigma Phi Epsilon. After leading for over 100 laps, Sigma Phi Epsilon is now sitting in third.

Exchanges from the two leaders allow Sigma Alpha Epsilon to retake the lead, but now CUTTERS and Delta Tau Delta are among the pack with Black Key Bulls and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Lap 135

At one point, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s lead was over 20 seconds, but it’s now only a 9.7-second lead, the closest it has been in over 50 laps.

The pursuing pack continues to be led by Black Key Bulls, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Theta and Chi Alpha.

Lap 115

Sigma Phi Epsilon, CUTTERS, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Black Key Bulls and Chi Alpha all make exchanges. The chase group splits apart for a lap, but quickly comes back together with fresh riders.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon also makes an exchange, and its lead dwindles to just over 15 seconds.

Lap 100

Sigma Alpha Epsilon stretches its lead to around 18 seconds with Luke Naas now on the bike.

CUTTERS suffered a setback and fell off the main peloton after an exchange, but it has now rejoined. Phi Delta Theta, Black Key Bulls, Chi Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon continue to lead the pack chasing Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Only 100 laps to go.

Lap 80

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s lead begins to dwindle, as it’s now down to 10 seconds, or a straightaway ahead of the chase group. Sigma Phi Epsilon, CUTTERS, Chi Alpha, Delta Tau Delta, Black Key Bulls and Phi Delta Theta are all included.

Lap 70

Sigma Alpha Epsilon continues to dominate the race. After once leading by three quarters of a lap, its advantage dwindled to half a lap, but an exchange brought that lead back to three quarters.

The pack pursuing Sigma Alpha Epsilon is led by Black Key Bulls, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Phi Epsilon and CUTTERS.

Lap 55

Alpha Sigma Phi crashes on the back stretch. The yellow flag is waved, and the riders slow down.

The green flag is back only a lap later, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon continues to lead by 34 seconds — almost three quarters of a lap.

Lap 50

Phi Gamma Delta exchanges and Sigma Alpha Epsilon breaks away. Its lead extends to 10 seconds, and it is now a half lap ahead of the main peloton.

SAE’s Luke Naas mounts the bike and enters the track while Black Key Bulls, Fiji, CUTTERS, Phi Kappa Psi and others attempt to catch up.

Lap 42

Cinzano makes an attack and opens a lead of about four seconds. After three laps off the front, Cinzano exchanges and is caught by the pack.

Among the chaos, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Gamma Delta sneak away, gaining a quarter-lap lead on the rest of the field.

Cinzano falls behind the peloton by five seconds.

Lap 27

A massive crash for many of the top teams occurs near turn three. Sigma Nu, Human Wheels, Novus, Lambda Chi Alpha and other teams are involved in the crash. The race continues to stay green. Around 15 teams make up the main peloton with Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Black Key Bulls and Phi Delta Theta taking turns at the front.

Lap 20

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Sigma Phi separate from the pack, but the teams behind quickly recover.

The five-wide pack thins to single file as their pace maintains. Some teams fall off the pace, but a large group still remains.

Lap 14

Mother Bears and Christian Student Fellowship (CSF)both serve two-second penalties. CSF quickly makes its way back to the main peloton, and Mother Bears falls behind.

Mezcla and another team crash in turn two. Both riders are okay and mount their bicycles. The race is not neutralized, and the pack goes on.

Lap 1

After three warmup laps, the riders are off. Sigma Phi Epsilon, holding the pole position after finishing first in the 2024 qualifications, leads the front.

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