Prince fans mark 8 years since his passing at Paisley Park

Traveling from states across the country, Prince fans gathered in Chanhassen on Sunday to mark eight years since the death of a world icon.

“It’s very healing as a human being to share these moments with people that understand what he meant,” fan Luciana Pagnetty told FOX 9. “We love and will carry him in our hearts forever; forever and a day.”

“I feel more at peace now, because I know that his spirit is still with us, especially here at Paisley Park,” Shauntel Manderville added.

Fans gathered at Paisley Park in Chanhassen to remember Prince on the 8th anniversary of his death. (FOX 9)

Closing in on a decade since Prince’s death from an accidental drug overdose, fans are feeling the loss as if it happened yesterday. It was a day that they can’t forget.

“I couldn’t believe it,” fan LaTeasha Barnes said. “I had to leave work. I was in tears. It was just unbelievable.”

Still, many fans say they are holding on to hope that Prince’s music continues to play somewhere else.

“He’s touring in another universe right now. We had our share of Prince and now it’s another universe’s turn,” Pagnetty finished. “I can’t wait to be able to cross over and be able to experience him [again], because that’s truly what I miss the most is just the energy of that man. There will never ever be another one.”

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