CDC announces HeatRisk Dashboard to protect Americans from heat

(WDBJ) – The CDC announced their HeatRisk Dashboard that aims to protect Americans from the negative health issues from heat exposure.

The CDC worked with NOAA’s NWS on the HeatRisk Forecast Tool designed for public health audiences. This tool uses a five-level scale to indicate the risk factor from heat in a specific area where a color and number is used to represent the level of risk.

Thresholds associated with health impacts are identified based on relationships between temperature and mortality using CDC-based data assets at the local-level. According to the CDC, the tool can help jurisdictions in planning their actions to extreme heat forecasts by implementing their respective Heat Response Plans.

CDC’s HeatRisk Dashboard is designed for the general public, and allows people access to important heat and health information in an easy-to-use, intuitive, and mobile-friendly interface.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s AIR NOW Air Quality Index supports HeatRisk Dashboard.

People using Dashboard can get personalized heat forecast information by entering their zip code to pull up the data.

Dashboard provides heat and health information, coinciding with the CDC’s new clinical guidance for people at higher-risk from heat-related health effects.

The CDC’s clinical guidance helps health care providers speak with their patients about the impact of heat and reducing the risk of negative health issues due to heat exposure.

The CDC reminds the public that heat events are becoming more frequent and intense with more than two-thirds of all Americans being under heat alerts in 2023, according to the CDC.

A recent report from the CDC found that daily emergency room visits due to heat-related illness peaked in several warm regions in 2023.

Heat can be more dangerous for people with underlying conditions, according to the CDC. Children with asthma, pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease, and other groups are more sensitive to it, according to the CDC.

“Heat can impact our health, but heat-related illness and death are preventable,” said CDC Director Mandy Cohen, M.D., M.P.H. “We are releasing new heat and health tools and guidance to help people take simple steps to stay safe in the heat.”

The CDC stated that heat-related deaths and illnesses are preventable. The CDC recommends physicians to talk to their patients about safety in the heat.

The CDC reminds everyone to stay cool, stay hydrated, and know the symptoms of too much heat exposure.

Click here for an online tour of the HeatRisk Dashboard.

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