Luke Bryan Falls Onstage After Slipping on a Fan’s Cellphone

We’re still throwing things at artists during concerts?

Over the weekend, Luke Bryan slipped on a fan-thrown cellphone and fell onstage, landing on his back, during a show in Vancouver. Thankfully, he was unscathed, and he joked about the whole thing mid-show.

The country star and American Idol judge laughed at the moment as he held up the phone. “Hold up! Did anybody get that?” he said to the crowd. “It’s OK. My lawyer will be calling.”

Bryan then grabbed another fan’s phone, after they recorded the incident. “Oh, you’re Snapchatting, you can’t Snapchat this shit,” he joked.

Footage obtained by TMZ captured Bryan after asking a cameraperson to zoom on the phone so he could replay the video and watch the soon-to-be-viral moment on the arena’s big screens.

“There I am, there we go, jumping, jumping, hyping the crowd… There it is,” he said, holding up his arms, as he rewatched himself fall. “Hey, I need some viral. This is viral, all right? This is viral!’” Bryan is currently in Canada amid his Mind of a Country Boy tour, which ends Wednesday in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Trending Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff Have Reached Their Limit ‘Losing All Credibility’: Judge Torches Team Trump’s Gag Order Defense Come for the Torture, Stay for the Poetry: This Might Be Taylor Swift’s Most Personal Album Yet Scott Weiland’s Son Brushes Off Blackmail Threat, Releases New Song With Late Dad’s Vocals

One concertgoer told Good Morning America that other concertgoers were throwing cowboy hats, boots, and water bottles onstage to get the singer to sign them. “People were trying to get their stuff signed,” the fan recalled. “So they thought the best way to get that to happen was by throwing things on stage, which was not safe at all and just super disrespectful.”

Coincidentally, also this weekend, Nicki Minaj was performing “Starships” during his Pink Friday 2 Tour in Detroit when she nearly caught a bracelet and angrily threw it back at the fan as she rolled her eyes.

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