Luke Bryan slips on fan’s cellphone during concert, jokes he needed to go ‘viral’

Luke Bryan is going viral for his onstage tumble.

The “Country Girl” singer tripped on a fan’s cellphone that made its way to the stage floor at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver on Saturday.

Bryan, 47, laughed off his fall after landing on his back, videos shared on social media show.

Holding up the cellphone responsible for the mishap, the country singer asked the crowd, “Did anybody get that?”

Bryan tossed the phone back to the presumed owner, telling him “it’s OK” before jokingly adding, “My lawyer will be calling.”

The country singer then grabbed another fan’s phone from the audience that taped his fall and presented the video on the screens.

“There I am, there we go, jumping, jumping, hyping the crowd … There it is,” he said as he replayed the moment in real time.

“Hey, I need some(thing) viral. This is viral,” Bryan joked, before telling the fan to caption the video with a hashtag of his song “Love You, Miss You, Mean It.”

Bryan, who is in the midst of his Mind of a Country Boytour, told the Nashville Tennessean earlier this month that “gaining the eyeballs to make people take notice of your artistry” is much more difficult these days.

The struggle to kick off your career and maintain it is why he’s enlisted other young country artists to open for him on tour.

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“I’m nurturing where younger artists are at in the infancy of their careers and helping them navigate the anticipation of watching a single go up the charts,” Bryan said, reminiscing of when he was an opener for Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw almost 20 years ago.

“Paying it forward is pretty special stuff,” the “Crash My Party” singer said. “Diving in there and getting artists ready to hopefully mirror the type of success I’ve had as classy and savvy artists with integrity is important.”

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Bryan added that he “wasn’t a naturally gifted performer” and had to be open to flexibility.

“Because of that focus, I’ve been able to avoid un-inventing and reinventing (my art and brand). I still feel as inspired and relevant to everything happening at all levels of the music industry as I’ve ever been,” he said.

Contributing: Marcus K. Dowling, Nashville Tennessean

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