Saweetie Exposes DM From Quavo Following Latest Chris Brown Diss That Shades Her

Saweetie wants her name to be left out of Chris Brown and Quavo’s drama and off wax.

The Bay Area artist was name-dropped in Breezy latest diss track to Quavo titled “Weakest Link,” and then directly mentioned in the Migos’ member’s “Over ho*s & Bi**hes” response. The latter hears the Rocket Power rapper boastfully claiming that the “Tap In” rhymer isn’t that special, and he can make another her.

“I can take a model bi**h and make a Saweetie, ni**a/ Crackhead Michael Jackson, bi**h, you better beat it, ni**a,” he raps. Unamused by the bar, Saweetie took to X with a screenshot of her inbox, showing a preview of a message that her ex sent at the top of the year.

“Damn. We used to [be] mean af to each…” Quavo sent to her. Saweetie then pettily captioned the post, “Hopefully the model he turns into me replies.”

hopefully the model he turns into me replies — ❄️ (@Saweetie) April 23, 2024

Elsewhere in Quavo’s response, he raps about Brown’s 2009 altercation with Rihanna, their recent Paris Fashion Week encounter, the R&B singer’s alleged drug addiction, his past relationship with Karrueche Tran, and Brown’s issues with Teyana Taylor, Usher, and Frank Ocean.

He even went as far as to claim that the Virginia native’s aunt was involved in some sort of extortion debacle.

“It ain’t nun’ but a fade, you know you lost to Frank/ Ni**as ran in your house, tied up your aunt ’cause you ain’t pay,” he raps before going on to say, “Lil’ boy wanna die ’bout some coochie? You still f**ked up ’bout Karrueche?/ You tried to beat up Teyana, but Usher wouldn’t let you do it/ The cocaine got ’em, your honor, bipolar disorder, no wonder/ You was the greatest, ni**a, you fumbled, going out sad, I’m watching you crumble.”

Hear below.

In Chris Brown‘s treacherous diss, he claimed that he slept with Saweetie while she was dating Quavo, and referenced the “Hotel Lobby” rapper’s own physical altercation with the “Icy” star.

“You f**ked my ex-ho, that’s cool, I don’t give no f**k, lil ni**a/ ‘Cause I f**ked yo’ ex when you were still with her, bi**h, I’m up, lil ni**a,” CB raps before adding, “Stop talking ’bout beatin’ girls, you was beatin’ bi**hes on the elevator/ We seen the tapes, that’s devastating.”

After “Weakest Link” dropped, Saweetie seemingly responded to the track with a post warning that she’d be getting back in the booth.

“Let me go rewrite these nani verses,” she wrote on Saturday (April 20) via X, referencing a forthcoming single of hers.

As we await Chris Brown’s next move, it seems as if Saweetie’s about to give it to the guys on wax.

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