Quavo Torches Chris Brown With Posthumous Assist From TakeOff On New Diss Song

Quavo has hit back at Chris Brown with a diss track of his own which also features posthumous vocals from TakeOff.

Released on Monday (April 22) in response to Brown’s “Weakest Link,” “Over Hoes & Bitches” finds the former Migos rapper attacking the R&B singer over his history of domestic violence, alleged drug use and career struggles, among other things.


Referencing his infamous 2009 assault of Rihanna, Quavo spits: “Little bitch come battle with my drac/ You been fucked your bag up when you punched Rih in the face.”

He also mocks him over his 2013 fight with Frank Ocean and 2015 robbery of his San Fernando Valley home: “It ain’t nun’ but a fade, you know you lost to Frank/ N-ggas ran in your house, tied up your aunt ’cause you ain’t pay.”

Quavo later references his rumored fling with Brown’s ex Karrueche Tran, which is believed to be the at the heart of their dispute.

“Lil’ boy wanna die ’bout some coochie? You still fucked up ’bout Karrueche?/ You tried to beat up Teyana but Usher wouldn’t let you do it/ The cocaine got ’em, your honor, bipolar disorder, no wonder/ You was the greatest, n-gga, you fumbled, going out sad, I’m watching you crumble,” he raps.


He goes on to call Brown “crackhead Michael Jackson” and brags about being able to turn a “model bitch” into “a Saweetie,” who the Atlanta rapper used to date.

Quavo also appears to threaten Breezy for mentioning his late nephew and Migos groupmate TakeOff on “Weakest Link”: “This bullet got your name/ Don’t ever bring up Take, pussy.”

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The song also features TakeOff on the hook where he raps: “Commit a crime and ain’t did no time, can’t fake it, we know that you pussy.”

Chris Brown has already responded to “Over Hoes & Bitches,” writing on his Instagram Stories: “Google raps. That shit is poooooooh. Damn and I was excited… that shit don’t even need a response. Takeoff rap better.”


He further mocked his rival by writing: “Cmon Quavious” alongside several tomato emojis, and shared an edited photo of Quavo crying with the word “Weakest Link” branded on his forehead.

See his response below.

“Weakest Link” contained vicious shots of its own, with Breezy claiming to have slept with Saweetie when she was still dating Quavo.

“You fucked my ex-ho, that’s cool, I don’t give no fuck, lil n-gga/ ‘Cause I fucked yo’ ex when you were still with her, bitch, I’m up, lil n-gga,” he rapped.


The R&B star also referenced the death of TakeOff: “R.I.P. Takeoff, he the only real one, I got true respect/ Crazy how when he died, everybody really wished it was you instead.”

The fiery track earned praise from seasoned rap beef veterans 50 Cent and Cam’ron, with Fif writing on Instagram: “Oh my God i just heard this, if Quavo don’t come with some heat it’s a wrap. First the Fatboys break up now this!”


Cam crowned “Weakest Link” the “best diss song this week” while describing Brown as “dangerous” when it comes to sparring on wax.

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