South Mole & Access for Seniors

Recently we posted an editorial South Mole – When will We the People see her again? which has a strong response. Here’s yet another a Letter to the Editor from Yvonne Excell responding to the South Mole closure by Freo Ports.

Dear Editor,

I just googled to see if there was any update on the South Mole opening and read your views on it.

It sounded fine but I think it lacked humility. Community buses have been taking seniors on the Mole for outings for many years although they haven’t been able to find a place to stop for quite some time now.

I personally have been going down there for many years to get quiet thinking time or to read a book or show visitors to Perth how lovely it is out there.

Again it has been getting harder and harder to find a parking place on week days. Notre Dame University should provide parking for its students and not leave them to monopolise public parking around the South Mole area.

Freo is quite lacking in regards looking after tourists, but I won’t deviate now. The South Mole walk attracts a lot of tourists. I used be out there several times a week and can attest to that.

Stopping cars going out there would reduce access to a lot of seniors as parking in Freo would be very difficult to find and expensive, and mobility is often an issue.

Fremantle is inhibited by its lack and cost of parking.

With regards to the campers using it to avoid paying at camping facilities, why don’t the port authorities open gates at 7.30 am and close them at 10pm moving on anybody who is still parked at the Mole?

Yvonne Excell (address supplied)


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