Pa. primary election results

Harrisburg, Pa. — Yesterday was Pennsylvania’s primary election, which decided nominees for U.S. Senate, president, as well as state auditor general, attorney general, and treasurer.


Democratic: Joe Biden

Republican: Donald J. Trump

While Nikki Haley dropped out of the race weeks ago, she remained on the ballot for republican nomination against former president Donald J. Trump. Dean Philips, who also dropped out, remained on the ballot for democrats against incumbent President Joe Biden.

U.S. Senate:

Democratic: Bob Casey (unopposed)

Republican: David McCormick (unopposed)

Both party candidates ran unopposed. They will now face each other at the polls in November. Casey, the democratic incumbent, is seeking a fourth term and faces a strong challenge with McCormick.

Pa. Attorney General:

Democratic: Eugene Depasquale

Republican: Dave Sunday

In a five candidate race, Eugene Depasquale won by 35.76% of the vote (as of April 24 9:30 a.m.). “We won tonight because our campaign is about every Pennsylvanian,” said Depasquale. “Now, it’s time to unite toward a common vision – to make democracy work for all of us, defend abortion rights so women can get the healthcare they need, and stand up to big shots and billionaires so working families can get ahead.”

Pa. Auditor General:

Democratic: Malcom Kenyatta

Republican: Tim DeFoor (unopposed incumbent)

Pennsylvania Treasurer:

Democratic: Erin McClelland

Republican: Stacy Garrity (unopposed)

McClelland won the race against democratic opponent Ryan Bizzarro. In a statement Bizzarro said he respects the voters’ choice and that he looks forward to continuing his “work on behalf of all Pennsylvanians in the House of Representatives.”

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