Waiting for Fallout 4’s next-gen update to drop? Here’s a cool fan demake of Fallout 3’s intro on the Gameboy to check out

As recent player numbers for the series have shown, Amazon’s Fallout TV show has a whole bunch of us playing and thinking about Fallout right now. In the case of one fan, Fallout 3’s been the title they’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane to – having decided to start working a cool demake of it for the Gameboy.

While Fallout 4’s the entry in the series getting a next-gen update today, returing to the Capital Wasteland’s also well worth doing. After all, your dad’s Liam Neeson, and who’s going to go on a wild goose chase after him if you don’t?

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The Fallout fan behind this demake, who goes by Aggressive-Film3872, has posted a fun little video showing off their current progress on it running via an emulator to the Fallout subreddit – basically giving us a glimpse at what their version of the game’s intro sequence looks like. It’s that, plus the start of the series of flashbacks in Vault 101 that we’ve all seen hundreds of times, including the Lone Wanderer’s birth, all rendered in classic retro style.

Scrolling text delivers everything from the iconic “war never changes” to your dad telling you that Bible passage, with a minor typo or two, while simple sprites and stills make up the action. They’ve even managed to re-create you picking your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat loadout from the book after escaping your pen.

“Currently planning on finishing the vault section,” Aggressive-Film3872, explained in their post, “SPECIAL stats get saved correctly based on user’s choices (working on the G.O.A.T. as well). Decided on a turn based combat system (in which the user uses AP to go through actions during their turn), the aesthetics of which are pretty similar to Dragon Quest. Have a test fight against a Radroach in the works.”

“Dialogue options are pretty much possible and probably the same as the actual game’s. GBStudio is really nice, but simple things such as menus are really time consuming, also getting used to not having access to objects/classes, coming from Unreal and C++ (but it is a lot more relaxing to work on though!). Also really enjoying working around the limitations of the Gameboy and learning pixel art on the go.”

While you can’t play this demake yourself, at least for now – as you could the 8-bit JRPG demake of Fallout 3 Bethesda casually put out back in 2011 – it’s still pretty cool to see in action, especially if you’re on old fart who actually had a Gameboy as a child.

If you’re planning on getting back into Fallout and somwhow haven’t do so already, make sure to check out our very serious ranking of all of the games in the series.

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