Jewish billionaire George Soros accused of ‘funding pro-Palestine’ college protests while police crackdowns on students

With the explosion of student protests on dozens of university campuses across the United States, episodes of alleged police brutality and repression have occurred at universities, resulting in the arrest of students, teachers, and even journalists at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), the University of Southern California (USC), Emory University, and Emerson College, as reported by Al-Jazeera.

The protests began at Columbia University last week. While in most cases, they have been peaceful protests without incidents of violence, police forces have been called upon to clear the spaces occupied by students, with even House Speaker Mike Johnson suggesting the use of the National Guard to crackdown and dissolve the camps and protests on university campuses, accusing them of being anti-Semitic.

In recent days, there has been echoing concern about the legitimacy of these protests and about “who is funding the students,” after the Deputy Commissioner of Operations of the New York Police Department, Kaz Daughtry, mentioned on FOX 5NY why the students’ campaign tents “were all the same,” suggesting that “someone was behind all of this,” comments that New York Mayor Eric Adams echoed later.

Is George Soros really funding them?

Even media outlets such as the New York Post, the Daily Mail, Newsnation, and Fox News, among others, have accused the Jewish billionaire, George Soros, of funding these protests through the organization Students for Justice in Palestine, which supposedly receives funds from non-profit organizations paid by him and others.

Although they have received funding from some Soros-affiliated organizations in the past, the reality is that, according to a report from WIRED, the identical campaign tents seen in the camps on campuses across the United States are inexpensive models that can be purchased for $15 at stores like Five Below or for $28 at Walmart, making them accessible for student budgets, who are mostly self-organized.

WIRED also reported that several Facebook accounts, probably bots, have been posting the same message, spreading the conspiracy theory, and receiving thousands of likes and comments on the social network, which has also been propagated by figures of the American far-right such as Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, who linked it to the Black Lives Matter movement, or Sean Feucht, a prominent Christian nationalist.

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