They’re back! Brood XIX cicadas begin to emerge in Tennessee. Take a look

They’re here…

Parts of Tennessee are starting to see the emergence of Brood XIX cicadas, which have been dormant for the past 13 years. The brood wasn’t expected to emerge in Tennessee until around mid-May, but people around Middle Tennessee have already started to see their presence. It isn’t mass screaming droves just yet, but the bugs are coming.

Not all of Tennessee will have to deal with the cicadas like it does with the 17-year periodical cicadas, according to the University of Tennessee Extension. Only about 18 counties, mainly in Middle and East Tennessee, will see the insects of the 13-year brood.

Photos of the cicadas’ emergence have begun to circulate on social media. Have you spotted signs of Brood XIX yet?

Where have cicadas emerged in Tennessee?

So far they have been spotted in the Nashville, Middle Tennessee areas.

People have also posted about the emergence on social sites like Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter. Many with the comment, “They’re baaaaack”.

According to the following Tennessee counties are expected to see cicadas this year: Blount, Cheatham, Clay, Davidson, Grundy, Hamilton, Jackson, Loudon, Macon, Marion, McMinn, Meigs, Putnam, Rutherford, Sequatchie, Smith, Stewart and Summer.

Check out where Broods XIX, XIII will emerge in Tennessee, U.S.

The cicada broods will emerge in a combined 17 states across the Southeast and Midwest, with an overlap in parts of Illinois and Iowa. They will emerge once soil eight inches underground reaches 64 degrees. Take a look at exactly where the insects will emerge with this interactive map from USA TODAY.

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How long are Brood XIX cicadas expected to be around?

The 13-year cicadas are expected to keep us company until about mid-June as the insects scream their hearts out to try and find mates before hibernating once again.

Where can I see the cicadas?

Cicadas are found across all continents, excluding Antarctica, and appear in deserts, forests and even urban areas. Much of the South is use to hearing annual cicadas during the summer months, but brood’s like Brood XIX are considered periodical cicadas since they only come around every 13 years.

Where else are cicadas emerging? Chicago? South Carolina?

Southern states are more likely to see the emergence of cicadas early on due to the warmer climate. But there isn’t a perfect science behind what day exactly members of Brood XIX and XII will emerge from the ground, because it is weather dependent.

People in South Carolina have reported seeing the emergence of cicadas, as well as in parts of Arkansas.

What noise levels to expect:Just how loud will cicadas emerging in Tennessee get?

How can I send my cicada photos to The Tennessean?

Email your photos to trending reporter and digital producer Joyce Orlando at for them to appear in a future cicada story or gallery.

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