Nicholas Galitzine & Simone Ashley Worked at a Frozen Yogurt Place Together

Picture this. It’s the 2010s. You are craving frozen yogurt, so you go into the store. Who’s there to greet you? None other than Nicholas Galitzine and Simone Ashley. For us, it might just be a prompt, but for some people, this was a reality, as Galitzine has just shared.

In a new interview with Backstage magazine to promote The Idea of You, British actor Nicholas Galitzine opened up about the multiple side jobs he worked before getting his first big acting job with John Williams’s 2014 film The Beat Beneath My Feet and, like many aspiring actors, he admitted catering jobs (alongside sports coaching and being a “manny”) were responsible for paying his bills. And in one particular job at a frozen yogurt place, he actually rubbed shoulders with future Bridgerton star Simone Ashley.

Galitzine didn’t elaborate on the anecdote, as he simply used it to illustrate his point that actors are “a resilient bunch,” but Ashley has actually already spoken about her time working at the yogurt shop before, though she failed to mention Galitzine.

Appearing on the Reign With Josh Smith podcast in 2022, Ashley recalled her early career and working in a frozen yogurt shop while also waitressing while auditioning for roles. “I’m excited about everything that’s happening,” Ashley said, referring to the success of Bridgerton, “but it’s also important to reflect and look back. There were many years I was working in a frozen yogurt shop and waitressing. I wasn’t getting [acting] jobs. I was being rejected. I was auditioning and auditioning and learning. I think all of us in whatever industry we choose, we all do the hustle, we all do the grind, and it’s good to be proud of that and to acknowledge that for sure.”

Now, did these two confide in each other while going through the same experiences? And now that we know about their shared past, maybe it’s time to become coworkers again, but this time on set.

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