Ricki Lake reveals ‘awesome’ 35-pound weight loss and feels ‘proud’ after ‘challenge’ of not using drugs to reach goal

TELEVISION star Ricki Lake has opened up about her body’s transformation and losing weight without the use of drugs.

The actress opened up about her weight loss progress during an interview on Good Morning America on Thursday morning.

7 Actress Ricki Lake opened up about her 35-pound weight loss during a Good Morning America interview on Thursday Credit: ABC

7 The Hairspray star revealed she achieved her weight loss goals naturally and did not use any medication, despite being advised by doctors to do so Credit: Getty – Contributor

7 Ricki said she now feels better and happier than ever and believes the best days are yet to come Credit: INSTAGRAM/rickilake

Ricki, 55, said she and her husband of two years, Ross Burningham, decided to start the journey together in October.

She also said she has not used any weight loss drugs to achieve her goals, giving credit to a keto diet, intermittent fasting, and consistent exercise.

“I feel the best I can remember feeling in my life,” Ricki said on the morning show.

She said that the one thing getting in the way of her and Ross living their “perfect lives” was they were “carrying this extra weight.”

Ricki, known for her role as Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 film Hairspray, also said that losing weight was a major financial and time commitment.

“It’s awesome. I’m so happy and proud of us,” she said.

Being perimenopausal at her age, a doctor had previously suggested the actress take medication to aid in weight loss.

However, Ricki wanted to prove that she could do it without.

Over the past seven months, Ricki has lost 35 pounds, and her husband has lost roughly 40.

“This is a lifestyle change. I’ve made this my job and it’s become my joy. I love it,” Ricki explained.

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“I think it’s safe to say I’m in the best shape of my life,” she added. “I say, ‘This is what happy looks like.’

“I could cry. I’m so happy.”

She concluded by saying she is in the “sweetest of days,” adding that she feels the best moments are yet to come.


Ricki has been documenting her body transformation on Instagram, taking followers along on the journey with frequent updates.

7 Ricki has been documenting her and her husband’s weight loss transformations on social media since October Credit: Instagram rickilake

While fans have complimented her, some have accused the star of using Ozempic to achieve her success.

Last week, the TV star shared Instagram photos from a trip to New York with her sons, Owen and Milo Sussman.

Although she wasn’t smiling, Ricki’s face looked slimmer than ever after dropping 35 pounds.

In the comments, one fan accused her of using the weight loss drug, Ozempic.

“That Ozempic face is real! Damn!!!” they said.

“NOPE,” Ricki replied back, making it known she achieved her results naturally.

Ricki had informed fans of her success earlier in the years, sharing a photo of her and Ross flaunting their slimmer figures.

“Together we have each lost 30+ lbs. I really want to share, because we did this without relying on a pharmaceutical. (Not that there is anything wrong with that),” she revealed in the caption.

“But neither of us were pre diabetic and both of us felt like we wanted to at least try and do it on our own.”


Whether on social media or out during public appearances, Ricki has proudly shown off her newfound confidence.

In March, she attended the American Cinema Editors annual ceremony and presented an award.

This is a lifestyle change. I’ve made this my job and it’s become my joy. I love it.” Ricki Lake

Before taking the stage, Ricki walked the red carpet in her sexy outfit for the night – a leather miniskirt with a black, long-sleeved transparent top.

Weeks before, she shared a bittersweet photo of her wearing one of her older swimsuits.

She recreated a magazine shoot she did to document her weight loss 17 years ago, where she posed from the side in a plunging red swimsuit.

The current photo showed her stepping into the same designer piece and standing in the same pose as she proudly showed off her lean legs and flat stomach.

“I held onto this #NormaKamali one-piece for all these years wondering if I would ever be able to wear it again,” she wrote in her caption.

Most recently, Nicki shared a full-body shot on Instagram while wearing a white summer dress.

The tank top dress fell above her knees and featured a low-back design, showing off her toned muscles and slim frame.

A swipe-through showed her wearing the same dress to an event 17 years ago.

“Oh, this old thing?? Just had it hanging around. Originally wore this dress to the Business of Being Born world premiere in 2007 and now here I am wearing it again in 2024!” she gushed.

7 The actress was previously accused by critics of using Ozempic in order to achieve her new figure Credit: Instagram

7 Ricki accredited her success to a keto diet, regular exercise, intermittent fasting, and sleep tracking over the past seven months Credit: Getty

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