Kel Mitchell Tells Shannon Sharpe About His Exorcism Experience

Nickelodeon star-turned-youth pastor Kel Mitchell sat down with Shannon Sharpe on the Club Shay Shay podcast and opened up about his experience with demonic spirits and exorcism.

Mitchell, who got his start on Kenan and Kel, opened up to Sharpe about his journey from childhood actor to adulthood and the trials he faced along the way. After experiencing some dark years, Mitchell’s friend invited him and a few others over to meet his mom, who was very spiritual. When his mom began praying, Mitchell recalls everyone having a physical reaction to what she was praying.

“Everybody just started spitting up and throwing up,” Mitchell said. “It was really like an exorcist type of moment.”

Mitchell then asked his friend’s mom why this was happening. She explained that he was going through things because his ex-wife had “put a hex on him.” She and Mitchell began talking about the spiritual realm and the power of Jesus, and they began exorcising demonic spirits from Mitchell for nearly an hour. The experience left Mitchell exhausted, but lighter.

“It was like I just had the craziest workout and at that moment no one could tell me that there’s not a God because I understood that this is spiritual warfare that we’re dealing with,” Mitchell said. “I also understood that throughout every process — between work and also through relationships and toxic relationships and everything — that there’s a real enemy that is warring for us.”

You can watch Mitchell tell the full story here.

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