A 2024 thank you from the Mile High Hockey staff

I did the same sort of post after the season ended last year and scared people into thinking the site was shutting down. Before I go on, don’t worry—we aren’t going anywhere!

Another yearly thank you is in store for you, the readers of Mile High Hockey! The community you help build here to talk all things Colorado Avalanche and keep up with all the news, reports, and game coverage we offer. This would not be possible without you, and I thank you on behalf of our entire staff.

The Avs made it farther, at least compared to last season, even if it was only one additional round. It didn’t go as anyone had hoped, both on and off the ice, and we can only hope for more in this championship window and a better chance for the Avs to win the Stanley Cup.

There is still hockey to be played with the conference finals and Stanley Cup Finals. While the Avs won’t be participants, we will see the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers out East, and the Dallas Stars host one of the Vancouver Canucks or Edmonton Oilers next week. We’ll have daily threads for games going on for people to converse about in the comments if they so choose, starting tonight with Game Six of the Oilers and Canucks.

In the Avalanche world, there will be lots to watch from the front office standpoint (particularly surrounding Valeri Nichushkin and his recent situation) alongside your usual free agency moves, the NHL Draft hosted at The Sphere in Las Vegas, and rookie camp in July – the next time we will see Avs jerseys hit the ice as a team. And then what will feel like an eternity until the start of next season, with training camp and preseason in September and the regular season starting in October.

As for this site’s content moving forward, not much will change. But I’ve learned so much more about this industry now, one year after graduating college. I plan to make some fun changes to make the site even better moving forward, plus some more reader and fan interaction as well. If you all have any ideas, particular interests, or improvements for the site, I am all ears.

Like I said at the beginning, we’re not going anywhere. Here’s to the 2023-2024 Colorado Avalanche, and a bright future for the team and this site. Go Avs Go.

– Managing Editor Evan Liu

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