McDonald’s finally reveals flavor of Grandma McFlurry

(NEXSTAR) – For the past week, McDonald’s had remained frustratingly vague when asked about the ingredients in its yet-to-be-released Grandma McFlurry, describing it only as a sweet treat made with “delicious syrup” and pieces of hard candy that might taste like something your grandmother would hide “in her purse.”

McDonald’s left the specifics up to our imagination.

Could it be pepperminty? Maybe. Would it taste like an old cough lozenge? That’s probably less likely. Or, might it be flavored like a diabetic-friendly lemon drop covered in lint?

McDonald’s finally revealed the answer on Tuesday — and thankfully, the actual flavors of Grandma McFlurry are based on a much less polarizing treat.

As revealed in the ingredients list on the official McDonald’s app, the Grandma McFlurry contains three main elements: reduced-fat vanilla ice cream, butterscotch flavored crumbles, and butterscotch flavored syrup.

Try as they might, however, McDonald’s couldn’t exactly keep the flavors of the Grandma McFlurry secret from anyone with access to Reddit. On the day McDonald’s announced the item, a Redditor who self-identified as an employee said the restaurants had received shipments of “butterscotch crumbles.” A few days ago, another revealed a picture of the syrup bottle — which says “butterscotch flavor” in small letters — along with some employee-facing signage that detailed the ingredients and flavors.

McDonald’s had initially refrained from revealing the flavor of its Grandma McFlurry. (McDonald’s)

The Grandma McFlurry made its official nationwide debut on May 21, although some markets appeared to have it on the menu earlier. McDonald’s also sent a “Grandma McFlurry Mobile” to New York City over the weekend, giving out free samples in Herald Square before visiting a series of assisted-living facilities in East Harlem and Queens.

Many early reviewers on TikTok appeared to enjoy the flavors, though some indicated that a customer’s enjoyment may hinge on their feelings toward butterscotch — or whether their local McDonald’s had a working ice cream machine.

“McDonalds came out with a new Grandma McFlurry today: vanilla soft serve with butterscotch syrup and crunchy candy pieces,” one eager McDonald’s fan wrote on Twitter. “Which sounds worth trying once. Except not me today because (with no irony at all) the ice cream machine is down at my local McDonald’s.”

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