Tom Hanks hilariously asks son Chet to break down Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s feud via text

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Tom Hanks had the most wholesome reaction to Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s feud.

The actor texted his son Chet Hanks to ask him to “explain” the recent drama between the rappers.

Chet, whom Tom referred to as “Big Main,” posted a screenshot of his conversation with his “Pops” via his Instagram Stories Monday.

9 Chet Hanks explained Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s feud to Tom Hanks. chethanx/Instagram

9 The actor requested the breakdown. chethanx/Instagram

9 Chet wrote a lengthy message detailing the rappers’s back and forth. chethanx/Instagram

The “White Boy Summer” rapper, 33, sent a lengthy message highlighting how Lamar, 36, “initiat[ed] the beef” after Drake, 37, and J. Cole called them the “Big 3” in the rap industry.

He detailed Drake criticizing Lamar’s “small feet,” with the Pulitzer Prize winner subsequently claiming the “Degrassi” alum is a “deadbeat dad” to son Adonis.

“Drake came back and was like, ‘oh yeah? Well I heard you beat your wife’ but literally 30 seconds later Kendrick put out a diss overshadowing Drake’s diss where he pretty much methodically dismantled Drake’s entire psyche and called him a pedophile for flirting with young girls,” the text continued.

9 “Holy cow!” Tom replied. Getty Images for The Recording Academy

9 He reacted to the “fighting words.” Getty Images

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After Chet broke down Drake’s response, followed by “another West Coast banger” by Lamar, he compared the latter to the time he and Tom attended a high school basketball game at the “Forrest Gump” star’s alma mater.

“That was pretty much the sonic equivalent of [that moment],” he explained.

“Like if you heard it you would just automatically know how to Crip walk with a stank face while clutching an Oscar in each hand with Marshawn Lynch, then dap him up and tell him ‘Town Bidness’ which solidified the win not only for Kendrick but the entire West Coast,” Chet concluded.

9 Chet explained how Lamar “initiat[ed] the beef.” Getty Images

9 He described the pedophilia and domestic violence claims in the diss tracks. WireImage

Tom, 67, responded, “Holy cow! These are fighting words.”

When he wondered whether “people [are] taking sides” and “who’s winning,” Chet replied, “Did you not just read what I said.”

The duo’s exchange comes one week after Drake and Lamar last sparred.

9 Chet believes Lamar won the rap battle. Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

9 The artists have not publicly sparred in a week. Getty Images

Drake, who shut down pedophilia allegations, made headlines earlier this month when a security guard was shot in the chest outside his Toronto home.

The 48-year-old victim was left in “serious condition” after the May 7 shooting.

Lamar has not been linked to the incident, with law enforcement officials having yet to determine a motive, although they have been made aware of the beef.

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