2024 King and Queen of the Ring live updates: New champion crowned, King, Queen named

In a few hours, we’ll be in the presence of royalty.

WWE wrestlers have descended upon Saudi Arabia for the 2024 King and Queen of the Ring. The card also features four title bouts, including one on the preshow.

We’ll have live coverage of the event through the final match.

No press conference after King and Queen of the Ring?

It looks like WWE isn’t holding a news conference after today’s show, and I won’t miss it. Triple H made a few announcements during the show, including the main event of Clash at the Castle in a few weeks, and I hate seeing bad guys go out and thank their opponent. If that’s the end of those things, I won’t be upset. I do tune in, so I guess I enjoy them, but I also like the mystique of wrestling.

WWE headed back to Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel

It was also announced during today’s show that the annual Crown Jewel is going to happen Nov. 2.

Rating the King and Queen of the Ring matches

This will be a tough one as all of the matches were good to great. The worst match was the women’s tag championship match just because it didn’t have the time on the countdown show as the others. Still, the champs looked great and I thought the challengers were fun in their role.

Next would be the Women’s Queen of the Ring match, even though it was a good one. Both worked hard and even though she’s not well liked by fans, it was nice to see Nia Jax win the belt.

After that it would probably be the IC championship match. That had everything you’d want, but it’s tough to have a classic three-way dance.

After that we’ll go with the women’s championship match, although this might be what sets up the most fun. I can’t wait to see what happens with Dirty Dom and Liv Morgan. Will he get involved Monday? Will they even have the rematch Monday?

The world championship match was next with Cody and Paul putting on a classic. The WWE has something special with Logan Paul. He’s going to be a Wrestlemania headliner, you can tell. He’s too good not to be. And I hope he stays bad. He is cool, but he’s a weasel, he’s not a hero. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

But the highlight of this night was the King of the Ring finals with Randy Orton and Gunther putting on a clinic. I hope they revisit this feud because it has the makings of a great series. Just a great match.

Cody Rhodes retains title against Logan Paul

He took a ton of punishment, but the three Cross Rhodes to retain over Logan Paul. Paul might have lost, but he kept up with the champ. This loss doesn’t hurt him at all. I think WWE should be more careful who they let handle ring announcing going forward. There was no need for him to interfere. Rhodes jumped on the guard rail to celebrate with the fans. Looks like everyone got what they came to see, their hero reign supreme.

Main event time: Cody Rhodes defends against Logan Paul

We’re down to the final match of the evening with Cody Rhodes defending the undisputed WWE Championship against Logan Paul. This is Paul’s third time wrestling in Saudi Arabia. He lost to Roman Reigns in his first match there and defeated Rey Mysterio for the U.S. Championship last time he was there. Rhodes has been hot as of late, winning the title from Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania and defending his title in an all-time classic against AJ Styles at Backlash.

Logan Paul is coming out first. He’s such a good jerk. What a find for WWE. I have no idea how he is in real life, but he seems quite popular among the other stars. But boy does he come off as a jerk when he’s out there. He just looks like a guy you want to see get beat. And he’s so good. That makes him an awesome bad guy. And here comes the No. 1 good guy in the world, Cody Rhodes.

The guys are locking up and Rhodes gives a clean break. That was dumb! You don’t give a guy like Paul a break. That could be the difference in this matchup. Can’t think like a good guy all the time, Cody!

Neither man gets an advantage but Cody hits a slingshot gourdbuster, which is a great tip of the cap to Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. They go to the outside and Paul takes advantage. Perfect example of Paul’s inexperience, he’s arguing with Michael Cole instead of focusing on the champion. Focus, Logan! They’re back in the ring and he’s working over Cody. He hit a front face slam out of a powerbomb. Now Logan nails Cody with a perfect inverted suplex and he is clearly in charge. Gets a two count after a standing moonsault.

Paul went to the top rope but Rhodes cut him off. Cody then hits a top rope arm drag, but looks like he hurt himself doing it. Cody tries to do a series of punches, but Paul cuts him off and applies the octopus. Rhodes gets out of it.

Paul bails to the apron and Cody hits a springboard kick. He teased a dive, but bailed when Paul moved. Rhodes joins Paul on the outside and throws him into the barricade. I miss railings. Paul takes a quick time out for some Prime, but Cody takes the bottle and hits Paul in the face with the bottle. That’s weak.

Paul grabbed a pair of brass knuckles and punches Rhodes right in the stomach. Rhodes already was banged up there, but instead of taking advantage, Paul is fighting with Michael Cole. While he was doing that, Cody recovered and hit a suicide dive. Now Rhodes is whooping up on Paul. He hits a big powerslam and both men are collecting themselves.

Rhodes missed a springboard kick, but recovers to do his punching before paying homage to the “American Dream” with an elbow smash. He gets a two count but Paul escapes.

Rhodes locks in the figure four and Paul is in pain. He’s not close to the ropes, but he’s trying. He gets there. But what is the price of that move? Paul can hardly work. That move can be devastating. It nearly ended Tito Santana’s career.

Rhodes hits a Cody Cutter, but only gets a two count. Both guys are exchanging blows with Rhodes getting the better of it. But Paul hits a Cross Rhodes and gets a two count. He didn’t insult the move the way Roman Reigns did.

Cody hits a twisting vertical suplex and starts to Cody-up, shaking the ropes. He looks for the Cross Rhodes, but Paul rams Rhodes into the turnbuckle and hits a few shoulder blocks. Then he throws Rhodes to the outside. For some reason, Paul is more interested in fighting with Cole than Rhodes. That won’t get him the title.

Paul sets Rhodes up on the announce table and looks for a pedigree, but Rhodes fights out and hits a Cody Cutter on Paul who was standing on the table. That had to kill Rhodes. Paul was about to be counted out, but Rhodes stopped it. He’s now going back outside the ring but Paul cuts him off and punches Rhodes. He’s out. Now Paul is setting Rhodes up on a table. While drinking a Prime, he climbs the top rope and hits a frog splash through the table. Wow, Rhodes is dead.

Paul gets Rhodes back in the ring and hits a frog splash. Rhodes kicked out. Paul picks up Rhodes and starts pounding away. Paul collides with the ref and Paul hits a low blow on Rhodes with the ref down. He tries to use his brass knuckles, but the special guest ring announcer makes the safe.

Cody recovers and hits three Cross Rhodes on Paul and picks up the win.

Great storytelling sets up bright future for WWE

This should be a great match, and it will need to be to steal the show because today has been a lot of fun. And the best part is every match has set up something in the future, but there hasn’t been a match where you felt cheated in any way. Every match told a great story and sets up something. And nobody who lost tonight was buried. Orton looked crazy tough, his leg gave out. Becky was cheated by the chair. Who is kicking out after Nia Jax hits that move on you? Nobody. And the IC title match made sense, while furthering the problems in the Alpha Academy. Reed will be fine too. Everyone who lost today is better than they were coming in. At least so far.

Triple H on tonight’s action, makes McIntyre-Priest official

The Chief Content Officer congratulated Liv Morgan, Gunther and Nia Jax for their victories. He also announced Damien Priest vs. Drew McIntyre live from Scotland on June 15. That’s a great main event, giving McIntyre another chance to win a championship in his hometown.

Gunther is crowned King of the Ring

It was a weird ending, but Gunther had worked on Orton’s leg for much of the match. A three-legged table is no good to anyone, as Arn Anderson would say. And Gunther took advantage of it. Huge win for Gunther, he’s your King of the Ring. I expected a great matchup and that’s what we got. It will be fun to watch Damien Priest vs. Gunther. Or Gunther vs. Drew McIntyre. Or Gunther vs. CM Punk. Or whoever has the belt in two months.

Time for King of the Ring finals: Randy Orton vs. Gunther

We’re lucky to have this one in front of us. To quote Gorilla Monsoon, this could be a main event anywhere in the country, and it really could. If you told me Wrestlemania was going to feature Gunther vs. Randy Orton, I’d first ask what happened to my tribal chief Roman Reigns? But then I’d say “wow, can’t wait to see that.” We’ve only known about this match for about 15 hours, but it’s one to be excited about. Gunther is out first and he looks as happy as Gunter can look. Got to think this is a special match for him. He’s going up against an all-time great and he seems like a guy who really respects history. Orton slowly walks out to 40,000 people singing him in. This is a pro wrestling match we’re about to see.

It will be tough for either dude to generate any sympathy. Both are among the most cold blooded dudes out there. It’s why I like Orton so much better as a bad guy, but it’s hard to make him bad because everyone loves him. It’s a good problem to have. Just something I thought about while hearing 40,000 people do a terrible job of singing Karaoke to Randy’s theme song.

It appears Gunther is getting a little emotional. Can’t blame him at all. He also looks focused. This is going to be a great one. Gunther opens with a clean break. Maybe it will be a fine scientific matchup! Orton backs Gunther into the corner and after some aggressive pushing and shoving, he too gives his foe a clean break.

Orton tried an arm wringer on Gunther, but the Raw star makes it to the ropes for a break. Neither man is pushing the pace, both taking it slow. Orton takes Gunther over with a side headlock. Fans are going nuts and the match hasn’t gotten in gear yet. This is fun.

Gunter hits his first chop and Orton doesn’t look like he enjoyed it. Gunther followed with another and he looks just as unhappy. Orton blocks the third and starts teeing off on Gunther.

Gunther took some stiff shots from Orton, but now Orton is struggling. Looks like Gunther is targeting Orton’s sore back. Gunther continues his beatdown and hits a viscous chop. Orton is in a bad way. I wrote that before Cole said the same thing. Sorry Mike. Gunther is such a good bad guy. He looks like he enjoys hurting people. Like it’s fun. That’s a good bad guy!

Orton has an armbar on Orton, and the way he pushes down on Orton’s head makes the move that much more painful. Gunther hits a backbreaker and gets a two count. Gunther hits a slam and continues to methodically take Orton apart. But Orton reverses a suplex and looks to take over. He has that sick smile on his face, Orton is now stalking Gunther. But Orton isn’t in position to take advantage. He went for a powerslam, but his knee wouldn’t allow him to even attempt the hold. Gunther is back in charge.

Spoke too soon, he hits that snap powerslam, but Gunther heads to the outside. Not smart, Orton hits the DDT from the outside in and he’s starting to pick up some momentum. He’s now stalking him looking for the three most dangerous letters in wrestling, but he is pushed off.

Gunther hits a frog splash halfway across the ring, but only gets a two count. He goes for another, misses and Orton counters with an RKO! Orton tries to make the cover, but Gunther rolls out of the ring. Smart. Very smart.

Maybe not smart, Gunther is hit with a side suplex on the announcer’s table. And again. That can’t feel good. Gunther recovers and pushes Orton back first into the apron. Fans are saying this is awesome. And they’re right.

Orton hits a back body drop as Gunther attempted a power bomb outside the ring. Orton then hits another announcer table plex. Orton throws Gunther in, but was too slow getting in and got hit with a drop kick to his knee. Gunther now in control and looking for a single leg crab. Orton kicks out, but Gunther goes right back to it. Orton isn’t feeling good. Another kickoff by Orton, but he’s banged up.

Orton hits an RKO and gets a two count. Gunther follows up with a roll up and pins Orton. Gunther is your king of the ring.

Becky isn’t happy

Becky Lynch is browbeating poor Dom Mysterio for throwing the chair in. Poor Dom, he has three women mad at him. She demands a rematch on Raw, but we’ll have to see if that gets approved. Might not be fair to the new champ, she won it today and still has to fly home. That offers little time to prepare. I wouldn’t allow it if I were the general manager!

Nia Jax wins Queen of the Ring

Despite a great effort from Lyra Valkyria, Nia Jax was crowned Queen of the Ring by Triple H. If things hold up, she’ll take on Bayley at SummerSlam. Jax was crying after she won. Good match, and she deserves it. Well done.

Queen of the ring: Lyra Valkyria vs. Nia Jax

Next up is a battle between a main roster newcomer against a longtime veteran. The safe pick would be to side with Jax, but Valkyria would get a huge boost from winning this, so that’s where I’m leaning. So far we’re two for two when it comes to great matches. And both left us with questions. That’s a good start in my opinion!

Jax is out first. She looks unhappy. Of course, she always looks unhappy. Zelina Vega tweeted she’s watching at home. She can’t catch a break. An injury kept her from defending her crown. As of now, she’s the only Queen of the Ring the WWE ever crowned. Valkyria is out next. I had no idea she had wings. Apparently ravens are the war birds of Ireland. Wonder if anyone is watching this says “Who hired Raven?” Probably not.

Jax looks confident, Valkyria looks ready. Valkyria looked for a crucifix, couldn’t get it, tried to turn it into a sunset flip, couldn’t do it, but then cartwheeled her way out of a throw by Jax. Jax missed an attack and fell outside, and Valkyria got serious height on a dropkick that just glanced off Jax. Valkyria tried for a tornado DDT, couldn’t do it, and then gets thrown to the ground by Jax who is starting to take control.

Jax is putting the boots to Valkyria and keeping up the punishment on her Irish opponent. Valkyria is tied to the “tree of woe” and gets kicked a few times. Jax is very deliberate, but maintaining control. Valkyria is fighting back with punches and kicks, but she’s greeted with a Samoan drop for a two count. Now she’s going for the banzai drop, but Valkyria rolls out. Jax tries anyway, but misses on the apron. Valkyria then hits a bulldog on the floor. Back in Valkyria hits a massive top rope dropkick and then a tornado DDT and gets a two count.

Valkyria looks like she’s given it her all and she’s still not done. Jax takes control after an avalanche in the corner. Valkyria looks to hit a sunset flip off the top rope, but Jax hits a standing Bonzai drop and picks up the win.

Two-night Summer Slam

Corey Graves and Michael Cole are talking about Friday’s big announcement. WWE announced yesterday that Summer Slam 2026 will be held in Minnesota at US Bank Stadium and it will run for two nights. The way things are going for WWE now, they could probably do this with all of their big PLEs. Royal Rumble could have men’s one night, women’s the other. Amazing at how much the company has grown in terms of roster depth the past two years.

Sami Zayn retains title over Chad Gable and Bronson Reed

Gable tried to cheat and get Otis to help him pick up the win, but it backfired. Alpha Academy might have some issues to work out. But the champion retains in a great match.

Intercontinental title: Sami Zayn vs. Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed

This is the match I’m looking forward to the most. All three of these guys have been nothing but entertaining and through their great work, the IC title means as much as the world titles. Gable is out first with Otis. Apparently they have a dastardly plan that Gable reminded him of prior to stepping into the squared circle. Poor Otis. Reed is out next. He’s a monster. He just looks like he could hurt you. A QR code popped up during Reed’s entrance. I can’t wait for whenever we get the payoff from those. I “Bo-lieve” it could happen at any time. Zayn is out next and the fans are pretty happy to see him. He’s gotten the biggest reaction thus far.

Reed is starting off on fire beat up both his opponents. Gable heads outside and Reed follows outside. Sami hits a dive over the top rope and joins his foes on the outside. He and Gable head back in the ring and Zayn takes control. Reed hits a huge clothesline and then hits a double move on Zayn and Gable that looked like it hurt both men. The men battle back and forth until they head back outside, where Sami hits a summersault dive onto Reed. He then gets Reed back in the ring, but then Reed cuts him off and goes for a Samoan drop, but Zayn counters into a sunset flip for a two count.

Sami goes for a side suplex into a powerbomb, but he can’t lift Reed. He clubs Sami on the back and puts him on the top turnbuckle before Gable cuts him off with a chop block. He goes to superplex Sami, but Reed turns it into a powerbomb dropping both Zayn and Gable. Reed goes for a moonsault, which is crazy to see a 330 pound guy doing that, but misses. Now all three men are down. So far, this match hasn’t disappointed.

Zayn hits a tornado DDT on Reed, but Gable breaks up the cover and gets Sami in an ankle lock. It’s true. He has him in the center of the ring, and as Reed goes to break it up, Gable puts the big man in the ankle lock. Sami breaks it up by putting Gable in an ankle lock. Then he breaks it up to his a blue thunder bomb on Reed. Reed takes great bumps for a big guy.

Reed puts both dudes on his shoulder and hits a “double stacked” Samoan drop. Then the 330 pounder hits a suicide dive onto both opponents. Now he’s climbing the rope and missed his big splash on Zayn. Zyan looked to hit his big kick, but Gable cuts him off and gives him a series of belly to back suplex. Gable then did a German suplex to Reed who was doing the same thing to Zayn. Gable is pretty strong, eh?

Now Otis is doing bad things, attacking Reed. Now Sami is thrown at Otis’ feet, but the big guy looks conflicted. Zayn asking him not to hit him. Gable holds Zayn so Otis can get a good shot, but he declines. Now Gable is physically pushing and slapping Otis. He’s a horrible boss. Otis goes to clothesline Zayn, but he ducks and ends up hitting Gable. Zayn returns to the ring, hits a big kick on Reed and retains his title.

Did Dominik turn badder?

He was already among the best bad guys in the business, but did Dirty Dominik intentionally help his girlfriend’s enemy? He’s going to have a lot of explaining to do when he gets home. Then again, it could have been an honest mistake. Bad guys are usually incompetent! Or maybe he wanted Rhea Ripley to beat Liv Morgan to get the belt back? Lots of questions after that match.

Liv Morgan wins WWE Women’s Championship

Liv Morgan took advantage of a mistake by Dom Mysterio, who slid a chair in the ring, to DDT Lynch and win the women’s championship. Great match that started slow but picked up as it went on. Great win for the Jersey girl!

Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan, WWE Women’s Championship Match

This should be a good one. The opening match is meant to get the night off to a fast start and these two can do that. I’ll say this, WWE loves using pyro in Saudi Arabi. Lynch is first one out and fans are happy to see her it sounds. The cool thing about this match is every combination between the winner of this match and the winner of the Queen of the Ring match works. Becky vs. Lyra Valkyria makes sense. So would Valkyria and Liv Morgan. And Nia Jax vs. Bayley makes sense. Any way they go will work, and that makes things a lot more fun. They’re starting out with both wrestlers feeling each other out. They take it to the outside and Lynch starts ramming Morgan into the apron and guard rail. Lynch tries to drop a leg on Morgan while she tried to enter the ring, but Morgan tripped her off the second rope. Morgan than starts pounding Lynch in the corner. Every time one woman looks to have an edge, the other turns the tables. But Morgan looks like she has taken control. Fans seem to be behind Lynch, which surprises me. I thought Morgan would have more support. Morgan working over Lynch’s arm but can’t seem to retain control. Lynch starting to make a comeback and now both women down thanks to simultaneous clotheslines. Now it’s a slugfest with both women getting their shots in. Lynch takes over with drop kicks. She follows that up with an exploder suplex. A lot of people use Tazplexes now. Lynch climbing the ropes but Morgan cuts her off. Lynch regathers, pushes Morgan off and hits a dropkick. She goes for her armbar, but Morgan fights out of it and hits a springboard codebreaker. Lynch kicked out, then Morgan took forever to follow up. If she loses, we’ll circle back to that moment! Morgan hits a middle rope dropkick and gets a two count. Morgan went for her finisher, Lynch countered with a reverse DDT and gets a two count. After some battling back and forth, Lynch gets her armbar on Morgan, but she counters with the Rings of Saturn. Lynch reverses it and gets the armbar on in the middle of the ring. Dom Mysterio is there, not sure why, Mami’s enemy is losing. But Lynch gives up the hold to confront Dirty Dom. Morgan hits another codebreaker but it’s not enough. Lynch hits a superplex and gets a two count. Dom throws a chair in the ring and Morgan uses it to DDT Lynch. Hits her finisher and wins the title. Great win for Liv Morgan and I can’t believe Rhea Ripley will be happy about this.

Let’s get it started

It’s 1 p.m. and the show is set to begin. It looks like we’re opening the main show with the women’s championship match with Becky Lynch making her way to the ring. Enjoy the show!

They sold out! They sold out!

Michael Cole announced today’s WWE King and Queen of the Ring is a sellout at the Jeddah Superdome. The stadium holds 40,000, according to its website.

Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair vs. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae

We’re about 25 minutes away from the start of today’s main card, and we’ll get things started a little early with a Countdown match between the champs and Hartwell and LeRae. Belair suffered a knee injury last night on Smackdown against Nia Jax, so she could be the weak link today. Corey Graves and Michael Cole will be calling the action. Hartwell doing a great job as a bad guy. Do we say bad girl? Bad woman? The non-fan favorite. Why do the challengers come out together but the champs come out individually? That’s not a good team! Good news, the knee must be fine because Belair just danced the entire way to the ring. Cargill starts out against Hartwell. Cargill gets the advantage and tags Belair in. Hartwell also tags out, so it’s Belair and LaRae in the ring. The referee just allowed a blatant cheap shot from LaRae, who tagged out and a few seconds later delivered a chop block to Belair. Now her knee is hurt again and the challengers are going to work on it. LaRae has Belair in a single leg crab. Hartwell is dancing like Belair. After some miscommunication between the challengers, Belair was able to tag in Cargill and she is lighting up the challengers. Hartwell holds Cargill over the second rope while LaRae hits a moonsault, but only gets a two count. Cargill is able to make the tag, the champs hit a DDT suplex and win. Belair and Cargill retain. Hartwell was the star of the match. Fun opener.

No Bloodline today?

The storyline that has dominated WWE over the past four years isn’t involved in today’s PLE. Nobody from the Bloodline is scheduled to wrestle or have anything to do with today’s event. Obviously that could change, they’re not known to follow rules. But it shows how much depth the WWE roster has right now. In fact, not only were the Bloodline not set to be there, neither was anyone from Judgement Day, which as ruled Raw. Dirty Dom Mysterio is there, we found that out on the preshow, so Judgement Day could have a hand in today’s events.

King of the Ring memories

The Countdown show is showing Steve Austin’s King of the Ring victory, which was the birth of Austin 3:16. That was an incredible King of the Ring. While that’s probably the most memorable moment, King of the Ring was also where Undertaker defeated Mankind in the infamous Hell in a Cell matchup. It’s also where Shane McMahon was brutalized by Kurt Angle. King of the Ring was always used to propel guys from one level to the next. It worked with Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Austin, Ken Shamrock and Bret Hart. Who will it be this year?

King and Queen of Ring PLE features even matchups

When’s the last time you went into a Premium Live Event and you couldn’t predict most of the winners? WWE has gotten very good at that, and this card proves that. While few expect Cody Rhodes to lose to Logan Paul, is there another match on the card you’re confident in? The other four matches are a coinflip, and that makes today’s PLE a lot more exciting.

Dirty Dom makes trip to Saudi Arabia

Dominik Mysterio showed up to King and Queen of the Ring and he’s there for a reason. The Judgement Day member said he’s there to make sure Live Morgan doesn’t win the Women’s Championship. Morgan, who battles Becky Lynch today, was responsible for injuring Mysterio’s “mami” Rhea Ripley. The injury caused Ripley to vacate the title. But you can never trust Dirty Dom, so who knows what his intentions are?

Cody Rhodes confident going into match

Cody Rhodes said his opponent Logan Paul doesn’t have a chance. I agree with him, I don’t see Rhodes losing, but it’s crazy what Paul has brought to WWE. He brings a new audience and the best part is old school guys can’t hate him. Paul can pretty much do anything in the ring, he takes it seriously and has worked himself into a top guy not based on name, but on merit.

Eddie Guerrero Biography on A&E

They’re previewing Sunday night’s show that will highlight the life and career of Eddie Guerrero. It’s tough to watch the sad ones, but the biographies have been incredible. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming ones on ECW and Rob Van Dam. Last week highlighting Steve Austin’s last match against Kevin Owens was very good and worth checking out.

Countdown show looks at Intercontinental Championship match

It’s crazy how well the Intercontinental Championship has been built up thanks to Gunter and Sami Zayn. This card has two tournament finals and two world championship matches and the one I’m looking forward to the most is the IC title. Chad Gable has been a great jerk and a guy you don’t want to see happy. Bronson Reed is a monster. And Zayn has been a top tier star for years now. Where’s my dog? He’s right there! I don’t care who wins this match because all three deserve it.

Triple H gives thoughts before the show

Triple H talked about how King and Queen of the Ring has meant a lot for previous winners. He would know, it helped him a lot when he won it. Talked about all of Nia Jax’s great wins as of late. She has had a pretty good run. Did the same for Raw newcomer Lyra Valkyria, who will be facing Jax in the finals. He then talked about the men’s tournament, which could be the best King of the Ring tournament match of all time if it lives up to its potential. Randy Orton is one of the best ever and looks as good as ever. He’s taking on Gunther, who has been on an amazing run. This entire tournament has been exciting and the finals should live up to the hype the rest of the tournaments have created.

Women’s tag match on deck

The countdown show has proven one thing: The new WWE Era certainly loves showing people get out of their cars and walk into the building. The tag champs Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair just did an interview to hype their title match against Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae. Belair injured her knee in yesterday’s loss to Nia Jax in the Queen of the Ring semifinals. Will that impact her today? We’ll soon find out.

Countdown show begins

The countdown to King and Queen of the Ring has begun. The hosts are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Big E and Wade Barrett. It’s going to be a hot one with temperatures at 94 degrees, according to the countdown show. It’s great that Big E is still around after suffering a neck injury. He’s as good on these things as anyone. I miss him in the ring, but happy he’s found a spot he can thrive in.

Earlier Premium Live Event start times becoming normal

When is the last time WWE ran three straight PLEs during the afternoon in the United States? That’s what we’re in the midst of right now. WWE Backlash, held a few weeks ago in France, started at 1 p.m. EST. The same time today’s King and Queen of the Ring event. And in three weeks, WWE will present Clash at the Castle in Scotland. That show on June 15 has a 1 p.m. start time.

Quick WWE King and Queen of the ring predictions

Gunther defeats Randy Orton for King of the Ring crown.

Lyra Valkyria defeats Nia Jax for the Queen of the Ring crown.

Chad Gable defeats Sami Zayn and Bronson Reed to win the Intercontinental championship.

Becky Lynch beats Liv Morgan to retain her championship.

Cody Rhodes downs Logan Paul to retain his championship.

Wrestlers make their way to the stadium

With the event about three hours away, WWE is filming some of its wrestlers walking into Jeddah Superdome. The preshow kicks off at 11 a.m.

When is WWE King and Queen of the Ring?

The event will take place Saturday, May 25.

Where is WWE King and Queen of the Ring?

It’s being held at the Jeddah Superdome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

What time is WWE King and Queen of the Ring

The event starts at 1 p.m. EST. The preshow begins at 11 a.m.

How to watch WWE King and Queen of the Ring

In the United States, it will stream live on Peacock. It will also be available on traditional pay per view. Internationally, it will be available on WWE Network.

How much is the WWE King and Queen of the Ring?

Peacock is $5.99/month plus tax, or $59.99/year, plus tax. Traditional pay per view is $44.99.

How does the King and Queen of the Ring match work?

Both the men’s and women’s brackets featured 16 competitors. The tournament has taken place on Raw, Smackdown and at live events. It’s a single elimination tournament. The finals take place at the premium, live event. This year it was announced that the winners of the tournament will compete for a championship match at Summer Slam.

King and Queen of the Ring match card

Queen of the Ring tournament final: Lyra Valkyria vs. Nia Jax

King of the Ring tournament final: Gunther vs. Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn vs. Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed

Women’s World Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan

WWE Championship: Cody Rhodes vs. Logan Paul

Who’s in the King of the Ring bracket?

First Round

Gunther beat Sheamus

Ilja Dragunov beat Richochet

Jey Uso beat Finn Balor

Randy Orton beat AJ Styles

Tama Tonga beat Angelo Dawkins

Carmelo Hayes beat Baron Corbin

LA Knight beat Santos Escobar

Kofi Kingston beat Rey Mysterio


Gunther beat Kofi Kingston

Jey Uso beat Ilja Dragunov

Randy Orton beat Carmelo Hayes

Tama Tonga beat LA Knight


Gunther beat Jey Uso

Randy Orton beat Tama Tonga


Gunther vs. Randy Orton

Who’s in the Queen of the Ring bracket?

First round

Iyo Sky beat Natalya

Lyra Valkyria beat Dakota Kai

Zoey Stark beat Ivy Nile

Bianca Belair beat Candice LeRae

Jade Cargill beat Piper Niven

Nia Jax beat Naomi

Tiffany Stratton beat Michin

Shayna Baszler beat Maxxine Dupri


Iyo Sky beat Shayna Baszler

Lyra Valkyria beat Zoey Stark

Nia Jax beat Jade Cargill

Bianca Belair beat Tiffany Stratton


Lyra Valkyria beat Iyo Sky

Nia Jax beat Bianca Belair


Lyra Valkyria vs. Nia Jax

WWE King of the Ring history

While it’s not an annual event, WWE has been holding the tournament since 1985. Many wrestlers have used the tournament to springboard their careers. The tournament helped Steve Austin become Stone Cold, it helped Triple H break out of the pack and two months before he won his first world championship, Brock Lesnar was crowned king.

Here’s a look back at all of the kings over the years:

Previous WWE King of the Ring winners

1985: Don Muraco

1986: Harley Race

1987: Randy “Macho Man” Savage

1988: Ted DiBiase

1989: Tito Santana

1991: Bret Hart

1993: Bret Hart

1994: Owen Hart

1995: Mabel

1996: Steve Austin

1997: Triple H

1998: Ken Shamrock

1999: Billy Gunn

2000: Kurt Angle

2001: Edge

2002: Brock Lesnar

2006: Booker T

2008: William Regal

2010: Sheamus

2015: Bad News Barrett

2019: Baron Corbin

2021: Xavier Woods

WWE Queen of the Ring winners

The only other Queen of the Ring tournament was in 2021. Zelina Vega emerged victorious.

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