WWE King and Queen of the Ring results, recap, grades: Gunther and Nia Jax crowned in Jeddah

Gunther and Nia Jax are on their way to world championship opportunities at SummerSlam after winning the King and Queen of the Ring tournaments on Saturday in Saudi Arabia. Gunther outlasted Randy Orton to win the men’s tournament while Jax scraped by a gutsy effort from Lyra Valkyria.

There was plenty more action at King and Queen of the Ring, including four championship matches. Only one title changed hands at the event, with Liv Morgan continuing her “revenge tour” by using a steel chair ahead of finishing off Becky Lynch to win the women’s world championship.

The night’s main event saw another entertaining outing for United States champion Logan Paul. Paul suffered a defeat at the hands of undisputed WWE champion Cody Rhodes in a champion vs. champion match with only Rhodes’ title on the line.

CBS Sports was with you the whole way through the event with live updates, highlights and grades as the action went down.

WWE King and Queen of the Ring results:

Women’s Tag Team Championship — Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill (c) vs. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell (Kickoff Match): Cargill’s power allowed her to work over Hartwell to start the match but the tide turned when Belair’s knee began giving her trouble once again. LeRae took advantage with a chop block to the knee as Hartwell had Belair engaged. The challengers continued to isolate Belair and work over Belair’s knee through various strikes and holds. Hartwell also took a cheap shot at Cargill to keep Belair far away from the hot tag, but Belair made the tag moments later, allowing Cargill to blitz both opponents. A scary moment happened as Hartwell held Cargill suspended on the ropes and LeRae attempted a moonsault but landed mostly on her head, though LeRae was apparently fine. Belair tagged back in shortly after, attacked LeRae’s knee and a DDT into an ocean cyclone suplex on LeRae won it for Belair and Cargill. Result: Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill def. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell to retain the titles

Women’s World Championship — Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv Morgan: Liv got an early cheap shot in on a ref break. A bit of brawling around ringside followed before Morgan was able to sweep Lynch off the middle rope. Morgan kept a bit of momentum, landing some kicks in the corner and a big clothesline. Liv went for several pins during this stretch, keeping the pressure on Lynch as much as she could before grounding her with an arm lock. As Lynch looked to be fighting her way back into the match, both women hit simultaneous clotheslines. Lynch finally got rolling, knocking Morgan out of the ring and hitting a diving clothesline before a diving dropkick from the middle rope for a near fall. A codebreaker from Morgan led to a near fall as well. Lynch missed an attempt to dive onto Morgan from the top rope, allowing Morgan to hit a dropkick of her own and nearly put the match away but Lynch countered Oblivion. Some brawling led to Lynch locking in an armbar but Morgan countered into the rings of Saturn. After a struggle, Lynch was able to escape and lock in the Dis-Arm-Her. Dominik Mysterio then made his way to ringside, distracting Lynch long enough to allow Morgan to counter the Manhandle Slam with another codebreaker. Mysterio slid a chair in for Lynch to use, which she did not, but Mysterio distracted the referee, leading to Morgan hitting a DDT on the chair and then Oblivion to win the title. A somewhat sloppy performance from both — especially Lynch — at times but generally a good match. Result: Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch via pinfall to win the title. Grade: B-

Intercontinental Championship — Sami Zayn (c) vs. Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed: Reed got off to a fast start, going right at both men before the action spilled outside and Zayn landed a dive onto Reed. Zayn continued his roll by taking the fight to Gable, culminating in a standing elbow from the middle rope. Reed came back into the match, dropping Zayn onto Gable in a combination uranage/reverse DDT. Momentum continued to swing between all three men. Zayn dove over the top rope onto both men and reversed a Reed Samoan drop into a powerbomb from the middle rope. Reed intervened with Zayn and Gable on the ropes, leading to him powerbombing Zayn and Gable into a superplex. Gable put Zayn in an ankle lock, switched to the same hold on Reed and then Zayn grabbed Gable in an ankle lock. Zayn released the hold as Reed charged in, allowing Zayn to hit the blue thunder bomb on Reed for a near fall. Reed stacked both men on his shoulders for a Samoan drop and then hit a suicide dive on both.

Gable hit Zayn with a couple of German suplexes as Zayn was going for a Helluva Kick on Reed, Zayn then reversed and hit Gable with the same before Reed tried to German suplex both men simultaneously. But it Gable who accomplished that feat seconds later. Outside the ring, Otis clotheslined Reed at Gable’s insistence. Gable then threw Zayn out of the ring and instructed Otis to do the same. Otis refused and Gable began berating him, giving Otis a shove and a slap. Gable held Zayn up again and Otis tried to deliver the clothesline but Zayn ducked and Otis hit Gable. With Gable down, Zayn entered the ring, hit a Helluva Kick on Reed and won the match. A big-move match that kept moving, which was the real goal other than Otis costing Gable the match to keep that story moving. Result: Sami Zayn def. Chad Gable and Bronson Reed via pinfall to retain the title. Grade: B

Queen of the Ring Finals — Lyra Valkyria vs. Nia Jax: Jax easily fended off a roll-up attempt by Valkyria, as well as a drop toe hold. Valkyria was trying to use speed and to avoid Jax’s power, sending Jax through the ropes and hitting a dive, though Jax didn’t leave her feet and smashed Valkyria into the ring apron. Jax finally slowed things down and dropped an elbow for a two-count. Jax continued to grind Valkyria down methodically but Valkyria briefly came back with a series of strikes that drove Jax to her knee. Jax was able to recover and hit a Samoan drop. Valkyria slid out of the way of a Jax attempt to hit the Annihilator on the ring apron and then hit Jax with a bulldog on the floor. Back in the ring, Valkyria hit a tornado DDT for a near fall. Jax again hit a Samoan drop and went to for an Annihilator but was knocked from the ropes into a double stomp from Valkyria followed by a leg drop to the back for another near fall. Valkyria attempted to powerbomb Jax off the second rope but in the struggle Jax was able to drop onto her with a modified Annihilator for the win. This was the right call on the Queen of the Ring given Valkyria needs to connect with fans more and Jax can run with the crown as a key part of her character. Also, this was a good showing for both women, letting Valkyria show more fire and get more out of it than her other matches in the tournament. Result: Nia Jax def. Lyra Valkyria via pinfall to become Queen of the Ring. Grade: B

King of the Ring Finals — Gunther vs. Randy Orton: An extended struggle in a collar and elbow tie-up showed that the match is likely to be worked at Orton’s preferred pace. Another collar and elbow struggle followed. Both men took turns working the arm. Orton locked in a side headlock, dropped Gunther with a shoulder tackle and locked in a grounded side headlock, which he held through multiple attempts from Gunther to escape. As the ref broke the hold along the ropes, Gunther delivered a chop before a second landed, and a third. Orton caught the fourth chop attempt and fired in right hands before an exchange of European uppercuts ended with Gunther being dropped. Gunther went for a powerbomb but Orton nearly hit an RKO on the counter. Gunther started working the back, driving forearms into Orton’s spine.

Gunther cut off Orton comeback attempts by continuing to focus on the back, including a big body slam. The two men struggled to suplex each other before Orton was the one able to hit the move and try and struggle back into the bach, only to take a forearm to the back and hard chop to the chest. Gunther grabbed the ropes to avoid a power slam after Orton got rolling with strikes and clotheslines and again grabbed control of the match until Orton hit the powerslam on the second attempt. Orton hit the hanging DDT and fired up to hit the RKO. Gunther shoved Orton off before the RKO and landed another body slam and a splash from the top rope for a near fall. Gunther went for a second splash but Orton rolled out of the way and hit an RKO. Before Orton could attempt a pin, Gunther rolled out of the ring. Orton followed Gunther outside and twice dropped him on the commentary desk, back body dropping his way out of a powerbomb attempt before slamming Gunther on the desk for a third time. Gunther cut off Orton’s charge by dropkicking Orton in the knee as Orton tried to reenter the ring. A few more shots to the knee proceeded Gunther locking in a half crab. After a second half crab by Gunther, Orton exploded into an RKO. Gunther kicked out at two, attacking Orton’s knee in the process. Gunther then locked in a crucifix pin to score the win even as one of Orton’s shoulders was nowhere near the mat. The end was a bit screwy with Orton’s shoulder visibly being up throughout the pin (to the point where the commentary team couldn’t ignore it) but otherwise this was a fantastic match to cap off a tournament filled with great action. Result: Gunther def. Randy Orton via pinfall to become King of the Ring. Grade: A-

Undisputed WWE Championship — Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Logan Paul: A bit of chain wrestling got things going early, with Rhodes trying to show he could simply outwrestle Paul, though Paul held his own with some reversals. After some shoves, the two began to fire in strikes before a Rhodes front suplex. Paul dropped into a splits to duck under a Rhodes cross-body and then took Rhodes to ringside where he drove him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Paul drove punches into Rhodes’ body ahead of an overbomb for a near fall. Another near fall came after a standing moonsault by Paul. Rhodes tossed Paul off the top rope with an armdrag but Paul continued to attack Rhodes’ ribs and abdomen. Rhodes smashed a Prime bottle into Paul’s face before a “fan” put his hands on Rhodes, leading Rhodes to drag him over the guard rail. As the referee was dealing with the situation, another fan gave Paul brass knuckles, which he then used to punch Rhodes in the ribs.

Paul got distracted by arguing with Michael Cole, allowing Rhodes to fly from the ring onto Paul and hit a powerslam when they reentered the ring. Rhodes locked Paul in a figure-four leglock. Paul broke the hold by grabbing the rope after screaming, “Chill, Cody, you’re gonna break my leg.” A Cody Cutter scored another near victory for Rhodes. Paul countered a Rhodes vertebreaker and hit a Cross Rhodes but Rhodes kicked out at two. After the action spilled back outside the ring, Paul attempted to hit a pedigree onto the commentary desk but Rhodes escaped and hit a Cody Cutter onto the table. After Rhodes entered the ring, the referee was about to count to 10 but Rhodes told him to stop the count and let him win in the ring. This allowed Paul to recover and he drove a right hand into Rhodes’ face. Paul put Rhodes on the desk and went to the top rope, putting Rhodes through the desk with a highlight reel frog splash.

Paul dragged Rhodes back into the ring for a second frog splash but Rhodes kicked out at two. Rhodes hit a vertebreaker for what would have been the win but the referee had been taken out after getting accidentally smashed in the corner. Paul hit Rhodes with a low blow. Paul pulled the brass knuckles out but the Saudi guest ring announcer (a comedian and entertainer) grabbed Paul’s foot, allowing Rhodes to eventually block the punch and hit Cross Rhodes for the win. We no longer have to talk about Paul matches as though he isn’t a wrestler, he’s done this long enough and its time to treat him like anyone else on the roster when discussing his matches. The good thing about that is that his matches continue to be very good. Rhodes obviously can more than deliver in the ring, which meant the match was very good, though not quite edging out Gunther vs. Orton for match of the night. Result: Cody Rhodes def. Logan Paul via pinfall to retain the title. Grade: B+

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