LeBron James’ NBA agent drops a huge hint over Lakers star’s future in live TV slip-up during TNT Sports interview

LEBRON James’ agent may have made a critical slip-up on live TV regarding his playing future.

Rich Paul, a top agent in the NBA and LeBron’s representative, accidentally dropped a huge hint about this offseason.

3 Rich Paul may have slipped up and revealed LeBron James’ offseason plans Credit: Getty

3 Paul revealed that LeBron James will be a free agent this offseason Credit: Getty

The Los Angeles Lakers’ season is over, and this offseason is hugely important as LeBron has a player option.

He can either accept the option and continue his career as a Laker, or he can decline it and choose free agency.

It seems that Rich Paul already has his mind made up, as he made a statement about free agency on TNT.

“LeBron is a free agent,” Paul said.

“I gotta focus on his business and let the Lakers hire who they wanna hire.”

The slip up came while discussing the Lakers’ current head coaching search.

Whether the statement on LeBron being a free agent was intentional or not, Paul is one of the NBA’s top agents for a reason and likely knows what he’s doing with his client.

NBA fans were quick to speculate about where LeBron could end up if he does choose free agency.

“Yea lebron’s going to Phoenix,” one fan said.

“WELCOME TO NEW YORK LEBRON,” another fan said.

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“Lebron is coming back to Cleveland,” a third fan said.

“Heat, cavs or some new team pick bronny and lbj goes to that team,” a fourth fan said.

For a long time there has been speculation that LeBron will play wherever his son Bronny is drafted, but recently that narrative has changed.

Earlier in the month, LeBron came out and said playing with Bronny is no longer his priority.

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“The idea of them playing together is not a priority. It’s not foremost, at least any longer, in LeBron James’ mind,” NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski said.

“Rich Paul’s goal here in the pre-draft process for Bronny James is to see if there’s the right developmental organization, a place that can take a young player like Bronny James.

“If he does go in the draft, he very likely would spend next year in the G League.

“That’s the priority for them as a family. What’s best for Bronny James? If it ends up them together, that would be great, but I don’t get a sense it’s playing much of any role in LeBron James’ decision on next season.”

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