Max Verstappen wins Canadian Grand Prix: F1 – as it happened

22h ago 16.44 EDT George Russell: “Yes. It felt like a missed opportunity to be honest. We were really quick at the beginning on the inters and then Lando came through really fast and then we jumped back onto the slicks and made a couple of mistakes, pushing the limits and paid the price, but nevertheless it was our first podium of the year. We had a really fast car this weekend and to be back in mix fighting for a victory, that’s what F1 is about.” Lewis Hamilton: “I’m not much really different [to how he felt in qualifying on Saturday]. Over the weekend, it was a poor performance from myself. Some other things came into it yesterday, mostly myself and then today, it was one of the worst races I’ve driven, lots of mistakes. “I think this weekend, the car was capable of winning, it’s such a great feeling. We’ll take points and keep on trying.” Share

22h ago 16.42 EDT McLaren’s Lando Norris, who finished second “It was [wild]. It was chaos, it was eventful to be honest, I felt like I drove a good race, the whole time, from start to finish. “The first two stints were strong, I had amazing pace, then the safety car had me over, just like it helped me in Miami. It’s now had me back over. Honestly, I thought it was a pretty perfect race from my side, just a bit unlucky but it was good fun overall.” Share

22h ago 16.41 EDT Some quotes, from Max Verstappen. “It was a pretty crazy race, a lot of things were happening and we had to keep on top of our calls. As a team we did really well today, we remained calm and we pitted at the right time, the safety car worked out nicely for us but even after that we were managing the gaps quite well. “I love it, that was a lot of fun, those kind of races you need once in a while.” Share

23h ago 15.59 EDT The top 10 1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

2. Lando Norris (McLaren)

3. George Russell (Mercedes)

4. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

5. Oscar Piastri (McLaren)

6. Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin)

7. Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)

8. Daniel Ricciardo (RB)

9. Pierre Gasly (Alpine)

10. Esteban Ocon (Alpine) RACE CLASSIFICATION 🇨🇦

Spins, collisions, five DNFs… and a 60th career victory for Max Verstappen 🤯#F1 #CanadianGP — Formula 1 (@F1) June 9, 2024 Share Updated at 16.16 EDT

23h ago 15.51 EDT “What a race guys, not easy, but we did it.” Verstappen says he enjoyed it. He had the benefit of a safety car. Lando Norris seems happy enough in his cockpit. View image in fullscreen Red Bull’s Max Verstappen celebrates after winning the Canadian Grand Prix. Photograph: Mathieu Belanger/Reuters Share Updated at 15.59 EDT

23h ago 15.50 EDT Max Verstappen wins the Canadian Grand Prix! Norris is in second, George Russell is third, Hamilton fourth, Piastri in fifth. A hat-trick of wins for Verstappen. Hamilton sets the fastest lap. Alonso in sixth. Share

23h ago 15.48 EDT 69/70: Verstappen is in the clear, and Hamilton will chase Russell with one turn using DRS. Share

23h ago 15.47 EDT Russell takes third! 68/70: Russell is chasing Hamilton, who hasn’t had a podium finish all season. DRS did the job. “Keep it clean,” says the Mercedes man on the radio. And they do. Share Updated at 16.28 EDT

23h ago 15.46 EDT 67/70: Yuki Tsunoda almost ended the race with a safety car but just about saves himself. He will however, drop from the points. Share

23h ago 15.45 EDT 66/70: Russell is woebegone but gets past Piastri to go into fourth. Share

23h ago 15.43 EDT 64/70: Hamilton has DRS and is chasing Piastri now. Russell was on pole, but is back in fifth. Share

23h ago 15.41 EDT Contact between Russell and Piastri! 63/70: Russell takes on DRS, Piastri hold his line, Russell goes off, and Hamilton takes fourth from his teammate. Share

23h ago 15.40 EDT 62/70: Verstappen with the fastest lap. Russell takes to the battle with Piastri who holds on to third place. Norris forges on ahead. Hamilton will follow that group. Share

23h ago 15.38 EDT 61/70: George Russell sets a fastest lap, and those Mercs look to have the benefit of those fresher tyres. Share

23h ago 15.36 EDT 60/70: The two McLarens struggling to catch up Verstappen who has gone with the wind. Share

23h ago 15.35 EDT Back away after the safety car 59/70: Off goes Verstappen with no issues, and leaves Norris and Piastri in his wake. Russell dropping back. Share

23h ago 15.33 EDT 58/70: The safety car fun continues….the track is dry with wet patches. Share

23h ago 15.31 EDT 57/70: Mercedes changing their tyres could be crucial, but for now the safety car is in session. Share

23h ago 15.30 EDT 56/70: Verstappen has to hang on, and his tyres maybe not as reliable as the Mercs and the McLarens. Share

24h ago 15.29 EDT 55/70: Five cars out – Sargeant, Perez, Sainz, Albon and Leclerc. That’s three big-name drivers. Share Updated at 15.34 EDT

24h ago 15.27 EDT 54/70: Both Ferraris are out. Both Mercs into the pits. Share

24h ago 15.26 EDT 53/70: A safety car is called upon. Sainz and Albon involved in a spin. Share Updated at 15.26 EDT

24h ago 15.25 EDT 52/70: To many mistakes from Russell? It looks that way. Share

24h ago 15.22 EDT 51/70: Norris has a wobble again, and so does Russell. Verstappen is being handed this race. Share Updated at 15.24 EDT

24h ago 15.19 EDT 50/70: Russell is able to overtake Norris. Share Updated at 15.21 EDT

24h ago 15.18 EDT 49/70: Now Russell chases Norris while up ahead Verstappen is complaining about his suspension as he tries to stay away. Share

24h ago 15.17 EDT 48/70: Norris pits, and then comes out first, and Verstappen speeds onwards to go back in front. His tyres are warmer and he goes four seconds clear. Share

24h ago 15.16 EDT 47/70: Lando almost has a pit in hand on Verstappen here. The gap is 21 seconds. Nobody knows what the right tyres are. Share Updated at 16.27 EDT

24h ago 15.14 EDT 46/70: Verstappen pits, so does Russell, and Norris goes into the lead. He stays out, rather than change his tyres. Share

24h ago 15.11 EDT 45/70: Hamilton pits, and then does Carlos Sainz. Share

24h ago 15.10 EDT Charles Leclerc abandons 44/70: The second place driver, the Monaco winner, is out. Share

24h ago 15.09 EDT 43/70: Russell complains he was delayed by Norris’s wobble. Share

24h ago 15.09 EDT 42/70: Lando Norris has a wobble at a bend, and now has Piastri chasing him. Hamiltion is close to both of them. Share

24h ago 15.07 EDT 41/70: Pierre Gasly into the pits and he takes on slicks. What will the rest of them try to do? Share

24h ago 15.07 EDT 40/70: Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap as he gives chase to Piastri in fourth. Share

24h ago 15.06 EDT 39/70: The sky is dry, but the track isn’t. The DRS is enabled. Norris is looking to overtake Russell again. Share

24h ago 15.03 EDT 38/70: Sergio Perez and Magnussen doing battle over 15th and 16th. Share

24h ago 15.02 EDT 37/70: The air has dried, and there will be no more rain this afternoon in Montreal. Share

24h ago 15.00 EDT 36/70: Leclerc is set to be lapped. Share

1d ago 14.59 EDT 35/70: Norris is giving chase to Russell and Verstappen, and he looks the best bet to unseat Verstappen. Share

1d ago 14.58 EDT 34/70: Verstappen has taken full advantage of the safety car, with nine seconds ahead of George Russell. Share

1d ago 14.56 EDT 33/70: Carlos Sainz and Valterri Bottas have an encounter, but all seems fine for now. Share

1d ago 14.54 EDT 32/70: Alex Albon jumps to sixth with a supreme act of driving, taking out three places. Leclerc limps into the pits. Share

1d ago 14.53 EDT 31/70: Here’s the rain, and Leclerc’s car is struggling on the slicks. Share

1d ago 14.51 EDT Safety car off 30/70 Verstappen sets off, and wants to double his lead on Russell. Here comes the rain. View image in fullscreen The safety car drives ahead of Max Verstappen. Photograph: Clive Rose/Getty Images Share Updated at 15.36 EDT

1d ago 14.49 EDT 29/70: Charles Leclerc comes in and it briefly appears the Ferrari’s race is done. The sky is gloomy now, and more rain is coming. Share

1d ago 14.48 EDT 28/70: “What goes around, comes around,” says Christian Horner, a reference to a safety car helping Norris in a previous race. Share

1d ago 14.46 EDT 27/70: Another lap of safety car fun. Share

1d ago 14.44 EDT 26/70: Norris didn’t pit, the rest did. Russell almost steals a place in the pits on Verstappen. Logan Sargeant’s crash is causing problems. He’s in an awkward place and Norris gets time to find some intermediate tyres. Norris comes out third, just ahead of Piastri. Sargeant’s car is going nowhere. Share

1d ago 14.41 EDT 25/70: Yellow flag: Logan Sargeant into the tyres. The pits ready themselves, but what to do about the tyres. Safety car it is. Share

1d ago 14.39 EDT 24/70: The clouds are darkening. Norris continues to open up a lead on Verstappen. Share

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