Everything Apple Announced at WWDC

Apple typically uses its annual developer conference to announce big software updates and introduce new devices. But this year, Apple set aside the gadget talk and left plenty of room for what everyone expected would be the main topic of WWDC: all of the shiny new AI features coming to iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Of course, Apple is arriving late to the artificial intelligence party, and has found itself in the position of needing to partner with a more established AI company to gain a foothold in the current arms race. In April, rumors emerged that Apple might be partnering with Google to utilize its Gemini AI on iPhones, but that doesn’t seem to have panned out. Instead, Apple is partnering with OpenAI for its first big batch of AI enhancements.

Here’s everything Apple announced at WWDC. Most of these features will become available in the fall, when Apple typically updates the software that runs on each of its devices.

AI Always

Apple’s head of software engineering, Craig Federighi, debuts Apple Intelligence. Photograph: Apple

In Apple’s world, AI doesn’t stand for artificial intelligence. It stands for Apple Intelligence.

In a series of prerecorded demos, Apple laid out a vision for how users will interact with these new AI features, keeping the focus on personalized tasks and underscoring the usefulness of the AI-assisted capabilities. Apple says it can use AI to provide a highly personalized experience for you, the iPhone user, because its system is able to collate all sorts of information the AI has learned about how you use your device.

Apple’s AI can help with writing emails, reports, and personal text messages. The AI can also generate images inside Messages that are informed by the context of the conversation you’re having. If you and your friends are chatting about throwing a rooftop party, it can generate an image of what that party might look like. It can even generate AI images of the people you’re talking to. So if you’re texting your mom, the AI can sync with any photos you have identified as showing her face and then use those to generate an illustration of her. (If your mom is anything like mine, she will deeply hate this.)

Apple Intelligence also has advanced writing tools that can generate full emails or messages, or review what you’ve written to change the tone of a work email to help you avoid saying something you might later regret.

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