Apple WWDC 2024 keynote: iOS 18, AI and changes to photos among what’s coming

What’s up next? For Apple, it’s not just AI, it’s Apple Intelligence.

The tech company shared what it has coming at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which kicked off Monday, including what’s planned for iOS 18, AI and machine learning integration across devices and software, redesigned Photos and a smarter Siri.

We also had a live recap and discussion of the keynote on USA TODAY’s YouTube channel and across our social media platforms, so be sure to check that out and let us know what you think of Apple’s updates.

Here’s what was announced at Apple’s WWDC keynote:

AI = Apple Intelligence

Apple is embracing the power of generative models and how it can enhance their existing software with Apple Intelligence.

Capabilities will include actions across apps — like carrying out tasks seamlessly on your behalf.

The company also announced Private Cloud Compute and privacy protections for Apple Intelligence to help users manage control of their data.

Siri is getting smarter and will be more “natural, relevant, personal.” Demos of Siri updates included how the virtual assistant can better cross reference information and take action responding to conversational language and become more useful to users. Siri’s changes will also be coming to Mac and iPad, not just iPhone.

Apple Intelligence can also help your writing, such as in emails and other documents, with proofread and rewrite features, including tones, summaries and editing. There will also be a smart reply option. Summaries will also be in emails, along with identifying priority messages.

Apple is also partnering with ChatGPT, so Siri may tap into ChatGPT to supplement responses, for which it will first ask for user permission.


Apple Intelligence will also extend to emoji. These Genmoji can be created in messages using natural search language across themes, concepts, accessories, places and more.

In addition to messages, the Genmoji will be available in Keynote, Pages and Freeform apps, along with an Image Wand in the Notes app, in the tool palette. There will also be a new dedicated Image Playground app.


The Sequoia operating system has a number of new features, too. Continuity will include “iPhone mirroring,” which allows iPhone notifications to show up on Mac, alongside the Mac notifications. Tapping on the notification will take you to the iPhone app on the Mac. The iPhone will stay locked, though, so no one is able to see what’s being mirrored.

In Safari, updates include profiles and translations, and Apple is introducing Highlights — machine learning to detect relevant information and highlight it while you browse.

There is also a redesigned Reader feature for their distraction-free option and includes video viewing, too.

And more advanced games are coming to Mac. Ubisoft confirmed that “Assassin’s Creed Shadows,” which releases later this year, will be available on Mac.

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iPadOS 18

Some of the changes for iPadOS, in addition to those announced last month, will be many of what was announced for iOS 18 and also smart script, changes to the Freeform app as well as the calculator app finally coming to iPad. They also introduced Math Notes, which integrates mathematic functions into written notes working with the Apple Pencil.

WatchOS 11

The latest software update for Apple Watch will bring a redesigned watch face, a more intelligent smart stack and other features to better help keep you active and monitor your health.

There will be more insights, and you can adjust summary tab and your goals by the day of the week. Apple is also introducing a new Vitals app.

For the Watch faces, machine learning can help you find an image best suited for your watch face from your photos.

Audio and home

InSight, coming to Apple TV+, will allow users to identify actors and see character and song information in real time. You can also add the song to an Apple Music playlist.

Some app changes in iOS 18

Photos. Apple is introducing the “biggest redesign ever” for the photos app, including new smart collections, carousel and organization, such as recent days and sorting out screen shots.

Map. New topographic maps and hiking trails, including national parks.

Wallet. A “tap to cash,” to share cash without sharing other private info and event tickets are getting a new design and new features.

Messages. In messages, users can tap back with any emoji or sticker, and you will be able to schedule messages to send later. There will be more format options for messages, such as strike-through or italics and more tech effects, which can be added to any text.

iOS 18

The next iPhone operating system, iOS 18, will have a new dark look and allow users to bring up customization sheet, tint with color and more. But arguably one of the biggest changes is coming to the control center, which is being revamped and also will be available to third-party developers.

There will be a new controls gallery with new options, and users can resize and adjust the apps as well as adjust options for the lock screen and reprogram the action button and other features.

iOS 18 will offer more ways to protect your privacy, including locking an app (so information from the app won’t appear in other locations) or even hiding an app. You can also lock or restrict access on contacts and accessories.

Vision OS

Apple announced its Vision OS 2, its first major software update for the Vision Pro device.

Some of the updates include hand motions for bringing up home menu or accessing notifications on the Mac virtual display, train support in travel mode and also changes for photo and video.

Users can create a spatial photo from images already in your camera roll and also can experience panoramas with others through share options. Users can create spatial content, and Apple says they are making it easier to do so and also capture spatial video for their immersive video feature.

Canon will also be offering a new lens that will allow for capturing spatial video. It will be available this fall.

The Vision Pro will also now be available in more countries.

Apple TV+

Apple CEO Tim Cook started with an update on Apple TV+. The streaming platform is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and the keynote showcased a look at what’s coming, including new seasons of “Severance,” “Shrinking” and new films, such as “Wolfs” starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

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