Everything announced at WWDC 2024, from iOS 18 to Apple Intelligence

Apple’s 2024 version of its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) was full of news. Like many other tech events in 2024, it focused particularly on AI.

During the conference, AI (a.k.a. “Apple Intelligence”) developments, advancements for Mac users, and lots more were announced — some things we expected and a few we did not. Mashable, meanwhile, has been covering it all. Here are all the announcements you need to know from WWDC 2024.

VisionOS updates

Though the Apple Vision Pro hasn’t been in users’ hands for long, Apple already announced visionOS 2 at WWDC on Monday. The most significant update was to the Photos app, which now has spatial capabilities. Apple dubbed it “new ways to connect with your most important memories.”

iOS 18 gets an overhaul

Apple announced some big shifts for iOS18 at WWDC, including the ability to personalize your home screen using dark mode and color filters. The Photos app, Control Center, and more are also getting changes.

Photos will now have a filter to remove screenshots and new, automatically created sections, like Trips (for…trips) and a section for what it considers your best pictures. iOS 18 will also have a dark mode for the home screen and a revamped Control Center that’ll help users control music or specific apps.

Vitals monitoring on Apple Watch

Apple dropped some major updates for WatchOS 11 at WWDC on Monday.

Perhaps chief among those updates was a vitals monitoring tool that’ll keep track of your heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and sleep. There were also updates to workout tracking, including a tool that rates how hard you work out, in an apparent effort to help folks get their exercise while also avoiding over (or under) doing it.

Scheduling texts, finally

Apple announced at WWDC that users will now be able to schedule text messages. (What took you so long, Apple?)

As Apple noted in its presentation, you’ll never forget a birthday text again. Or, at least, you better not.

iOS 18 will also include features such as fonts with bold, italic, strikethrough, and other effects.

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A new password manager

Apple showed off its Passwords app for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia (macOS 15) during WWDC. The idea is that Apple’s built-in app will take over for services like LastPass.

Apple is basically expanding on the iCloud Keychain tool that many folks might already use. It’ll move all your credentials to that app and automatically add new passwords you create.

In other words, maybe you can soon retire that password sticky note hidden in a drawer somewhere.

Safari gets an AI revamp

Apple announced some new features for its browser at WWDC 2024, including an AI-powered feature called Highlights that’ll summarize webpages and articles.

That means if you’re reading about a TV show, then Safari will show you more info about the program via AI.

Apple Maps adds topographic maps

Hikers rejoice: Apple Maps announced it would add topographic maps at WWDC 2024.

The demonstration during the keynote showed maps indicating changes in elevation as well as a feature that would show trail networks and hiking routes. That’ll be huge for the weekend warrior crowd.

Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Answering calls via AirPods and a nod

AirPods announced a neat new feature at WWDC 2024. You can now answer a call by nodding or ignore it by shaking your head sideways.

The demo in the keynote presentation noted this might be useful in a setting like a crowded elevator, which isn’t the ideal spot for a call.

Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Apple also announced that AirPods Pro will feature voice Isolation, which means your voice will come through clearly even in a noisy setting.

Apple announces Apple Intelligence

Apple has jumped into the AI race with two feet. The tech giant announced Apple Intelligence at WWDC 2024, and promised a deeply integrated, security-focused version of generative AI.

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Apple Intelligence, which will apparently roll out this summer, promises to help users write emails, edit photos, and more.

Mashable’s Meera Navlakha has the full breakdown.

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If you want to know even more about Apple Intelligence, Mashable’s Alex Perry broke down, in detail, five of the key iOS 18 features added via Apple’s AI.

iPadOS 18 brings lots of new features

iPadOS 18 was announced at WWDC and it features a lot of updates via Apple Intelligence, the tech giant’s newly announced AI.

The big takeaways? iPadOS 18 features a huge update to Notes, thanks to AI and Apple Pencil, and the iPad will finally have a (very advanced) Calculator App seemingly perfect for helping kids with their homework.

Apple announced a feature called SmartScript that’ll take what you write with an Apple Pencil and make it look like your writing only more legible and stylized. You’ll also be able to scribble things out to erase them and copy and paste handwriting.

That’s far from the only update via iPadOS 18, however. Mashable’s Sam Haysom has a detailed breakdown noting all the major changes.

Apple’s Cycle Tracking app will add gestational age

Apple announced at WWDC 2024 that its Cycle Tracking app will soon have a feature that’ll indicate the gestational age of a user’s pregnancy as well as suggest a review of important health metrics while someone is pregnant.

Apple adds ChatGPT to Siri and iOS18.

The long-awaited marriage of Apple and OpenAI has arrived. Apple announced at WWDC 2024 that ChatGPT would be integrated into Siri and its operating systems.

The tech giant said ChatGPT will be available on iOS 18, iPad OS 18, and MacOS Sequoia later this year.

How, exactly, will people use ChatGPT on their Apple devices? Well, considering it’ll be integrated into apps like Messages, Mail, and Compose…you might be getting some AI-generated texts and emails very soon.

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Siri gets an AI overhaul

Apple announced some big updates to its voice assistant at WWDC 2024, most of which were thanks to Apple Intelligence.

The idea is that Siri will be more able to follow voice commands in apps. According to Apple’s presentation, it should also be able to spot when you’ve corrected yourself mid-command, pick up conversational context, and be aware of what’s on your screen. There weren’t too many specifics, but Apple Intelligence will, in theory, make Siri better at understanding what you’re actually trying to do.

Siri should, in theory, work better with AI and help you learn new skills like scheduling a text. Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Apple adds call recording to iPhone

In a move that’s (selfishly) huge for journalists, Apple announced at WWDC 2024 that it would be adding an AI-powered call-recording feature to the iPhone’s Phone app.

According to Apple’s demo, the feature adds a record button to the screen during a call. If a user begins recording, the other person is alerted, which helps ease any ethical issues. Details were sparse, and it wasn’t yet clear if this feature was available for iPhones only.

Still, recording a call and having it in your Notes app — potentially with an AI summary — could prove to be a helpful tool for many people.

Apple Watch adds feature for when you’re not feeling great

Some days you just don’t feel great. And now you won’t have to worry about not completing your activity rings and losing your streak on those sick days.

Apple announced a new feature with WatchOS 11 that’ll let users pause their activity rings when they need rest or recovery from an injury or illness.

Users will be able to pause their rings for a day, week, month, or longer — meaning that even an injury can’t stop your streak.

Genmoji brings AI-powered emoji

Apple announced at WWDC that users, via Apple Intelligence, would soon be able to create custom emoji just by describing what they want. It’s called the Genmoji feature because you’re generating emoji. Get it?

Apple’s keynote example was “smiley relaxing wearing cucumbers,” and, well, you got exactly what you’d expect.

Credit: Screenshot: Apple

This feature could prove fun for folks who want to create very specific inside-joke emojis for their group chat.

Apple announces MacOS 15 Sequoia

Apple announced its latest MacOS, called Sequoia, during WWDC and highlighted a new feature that’ll let users mirror their iPhone on their desktop.

That means you can completely control your phone via your desktop. Of course, MacOS 15 Sequoia also included other updates, including tiling windows and an update to FaceTime.

Mashable’s Chris Taylor has all the details.

AI-powered writing tools

Apple announced three new AI writing tools during its WWDC keynote. The tools include Rewrite, which will rewrite your text in different tones or styles, a proofreading tool that will likely end Grammarly, and an improved Smart Reply.

These tools are aimed at reducing mistakes and helping people who struggle to write effectively.

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