Tylil Apologizes To Michael Rainey Jr. Over Livestream Incident

News John Nacion / Contributor via Getty Images Streamer Tylil Apologizes After His Little Sister Sexually Assaults Michael Rainey Jr. During Live Broadcast / 06.10.2024

On Monday (June 10), Tylil issued a public apology to Michael Rainey Jr. after a video showing the actor being inappropriately touched during a live broadcast went viral.

“After the actions that occurred during my stream last night (June 9), I would like to sincerely apologize to Michael and his family for what took place. My little sister was completely wrong and out of line,” the internet personality shared on Instagram. “What she did was very inappropriate and unacceptable. I am truly embarrassed and disgusted by her actions.”

Tylil added that he respects whatever decision the Kentucky native makes as a consequence, even if it involves legal action. He wrote, “After watching the clip, I was completely taken [aback] by what she [had] done. I will take extreme precautions with future streams to avoid similar issues and have banned her from participating in future streams. I do not condone any type of assault.”

In the aforementioned clip, Rainey appeared surprised when Tylil’s sister approached and whispered something while reaching below his belt. The “Power” star eventually crossed his hands in front of his pants and laughed nervously as she walked away.

Following the incident, a man off-camera approached Rainey and said a few words. Realizing something was wrong, Tylil turned to address the pair. However, the unidentified person told the internet personality, “Bro, we’ll tell you later. We can’t tell you on this s**t.” The guests reportedly left immediately after the broadcast was over.

Addressing the situation later, Tylil said he felt “a way” about it. Regarding his sister, he explained, “She had never seen somebody of that caliber, so she started… That’s my sister, so I’m not gonna say nothing bad about her. I’m gonna just check her.”

The trend of celebrities appearing on livestreams has grown increasingly popular over the last few years, with notable names like Kai Cenat, Adin Ross, and BruceDropEmOff leading the charge.

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