Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in Talks for ‘Practical Magic’ Sequel

Get the midnight margaritas ready, Practical Magic 2 is coming.

On Monday, Warner Bros. confirmed the news that the Nineties cult-classic Practical Magic will be returning with a sequel. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are in talks to come back as Gillian and Sally Owens, and as producers, according to IndieWire.

Released in 1998, the first installment of Practical Magic centered on the bewitching Owens sisters who were cursed with falling in love with men that met untimely demises. The curse turns especially dark when they find themselves with a murder on their hands. As part of a supernatural cover-up, Gillian and Sally bring back Gillian’s violent ex-boyfriend and face the tumult of black magic. With stellar performances, a house that invented the cottagecore aesthetic, and a soundtrack including the ultimate witch, Stevie Nicks, Practical Magic has remained a fall-time staple.

The movie was adapted from Alice Hoffman’s book of the same title and directed by Griffin Dunne. A director for the new project has not been announced, but Akiva Goldsman will write the screenplay and Denise Di Novi is set to produce.

This isn’t the first time spellbound fans have been charmed about a Practical Magic sequel. In 2019, HBO Max tapped another novel in Hoffman’s witchy series (Rules of Magic) in the hopes of creating a series of the same name. While the show didn’t pan out, the fervent need for more from the Owens Sisters remains.

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