Maren Morris Loves Tall Girls, Too

Good luck, babe! Photo: Billboard via Getty Images

“I’m a lover of all types, but there’s somethin’ ’bout tall guys,” Maren Morris sang on her 2022 song “Tall Guys.” Now the singer-songwriter has revealed that all types includes tall girls, too, coming out as bisexual to celebrate Pride Month. “happy to be the B in LGBTQ+,” she wrote on Instagram after a show in Phoenix, adding “happy pride 🌈.” The “Girl” singer has long been a vocal LGBTQ+ ally in country music, and Morris joins her friends like TJ Osborne and Brandi Carlile as one of the genre’s rare queer stars (if she continues to work in the genre at all, that is). Her coming out follows her divorce from Ryan Hurd last fall.

Now it seems like she could use some new love songs. Could we get a colorful reunion with Miley Cyrus? A trip to the “Pink Pony Club” with Chappell Roan? An actually gay dance-floor banger? There’s still two-thirds of Pride Month left — let’s get to it!

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