Belgium vs Slovakia LIVE: Euro 2024 result and reaction after VAR rule out two Romelu Lukaku equalisers

Belgium vs Slovakia LIVE: Euro 2024 result and reaction after VAR rule out two Romelu Lukaku equalisers

Slovakia delivered the first major shock result of Euro 2024, snatching an early goal and defending furiously to hold on for a 1-0 victory over Belgium in Group E.

Ivan Schranz took advantage of a horror defensive error to put Slovakia ahead in the seventh minute and kept Belgium at bay with increasing desperation to secure an unexpected triumph at the Frankfurt Arena.

Belgium’s top scorer Romelu Lukaku twice had the ball in the net but was denied after VAR checks, first for offside in the 56th minute and minutes from the end when Lois Openda was adjudged to have handled in the build-up before the striker swept the ball into the net.

Slovakia joined Romania at the top of the group standings after their 3-0 win over Ukraine on Monday. Follow all the latest reaction below before the evening match between Austria and France:

Belgium vs Slovakia LIVE

FULL TIME! Slovakia stun Belgium as Romelu Lukaku has two goals ruled out by VAR

88’ NO GOAL! Lukaku fires past Dubravka again, but there was a handball in the build-up (BEL 0-1 SVK)

57’ NO GOAL! Lukaku bundles in but is offside (BEL 0-1 SVK)

7’ – GOAL! Schranz gives Slovakia the lead after mistake from Doku (BEL 0-1 SVK)

Romania beat Ukraine 3-0 in the group opener earlier in the day

Belgium 0 – 1 Slovakia

Belgium’s Jeremy Doku showcases versatility – but his error has wider Euro 2024 implications

19:18 , Chris Wilson

On the face of it, the group should have been a straightforward Euro 2024group for Belgium, ranked third in the world with no other side higher than 20.

However they were stunned inside the first six minutes when Ivan Schranz put Slovakia ahead, and despite two Romelu Lukaku strikes going into the back of the net, both were ruled out for offside.

Belgium’s problems at tournaments resurfaced, after 63 minutes and still trailing 1-0, the team found themselves without a goal in over four and a half hours of football at the major events, and they were left contemplating a surprise defeat in their opening match.

Belgium’s Jeremy Doku showcases versatility – but error has wider Euro 2024 impact

19:11 , Chris Wilson

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FULL-TIME! Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

19:01 , Chris Wilson

That game had everything! A shock, controversial decisions, disallowed goals and some great play at times from both sides.

There’ll be mixed opinions on the Openda handball, but it’s clearly a handball. His hand was probably in a natural position, but the handball gave him a clear advantage.

Belgium lose their opening game in a group they will feel like they should have got nine points from. Slovakia give themselves a brilliant chance at making the last 16, and perhaps even qualifying top of Group E!

FULL-TIME! Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:58 , Chris Wilson

99 mins

The referee blows the whistle and we have the first shock of Euro 2024! The commentary team mentioned that this is statistically the biggest upset in European Championship history!

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:57 , Chris Wilson

98 mins

Belgium’s long ball forward rolls out for a goal kick, and we’re past the allotted added time.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:56 , Chris Wilson

97 mins

Desperation from Slovakia, who are clearing it long at every opportunity. Suslov has the chance to counter, but Belgium regroup.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:55 , Chris Wilson

96 mins

Dubravka collects Tielemans’ ball forward, and Slovakia are within a minute of what is probably the best result in their history.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:54 , Chris Wilson

94 mins

Slovakia make a substitution, as Obert replaces Duda.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:53 , Chris Wilson

93 mins

Chance for De Bruyne as he collects Openda’s cutback and beats the defender out wide, but his shot is tame and Dubravka saves easily.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:52 , Chris Wilson

92 mins

Lukaku collects with his back to goal before turning and playing the through ball to Openda, but Dubravka races off his line to collect.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:51 , Chris Wilson

90 mins

There’ll be seven minutes of added time.It begins with Bakayoko skewing a shot well wide.

DISALLOWED GOAL! Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:49 , Chris Wilson

89 mins


It’s overturned again! Unbelievably bad luck for Belgium. It was accidental, but undeniably helped Openda control it.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:48 , Chris Wilson

88 mins

On replay, this will surely be chalked off. Openda has – perhaps accidentally – used his hand to bring it down originally…

GOAL! Belgium 1-1 Slovakia

18:47 , Chris Wilson

87 mins

GOAL! Instant impact from Openda!

It’s simple from the Leipzig man, who collects the ball down the left, gets it under control and beats his man for pace. He races into the box and cuts it back to Lukaku, who’s waiting near the centre of the box, and he fires it past Dubravka, who was scrambling across.

There’s another VAR check, for handball…

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:44 , Chris Wilson

85 mins

Lukebakio’s first action is a late challenge on Hancko in the Serbia box, which he gets booked for.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:43 , Chris Wilson

83 mins

Hancko does well to intercept before slipping it in to Duda, who wins a corner.

Suslov’s corner is headed away by Faes, before Bakayoko carries it out and wins the foul.

Belgium make two changes, as Doku and Carrasco come off for Lukebakio and Openda. Just before, Duris had replaced goalscorer Ivan Schranz.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:40 , Chris Wilson

80 mins

Belgium win a corner after some great work from De Bruyne, who skipped past a couple of challenges before laying the ball off for the deflected shot.

The corner is deep to Onana, but he can only direct his header wide.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:38 , Chris Wilson

79 mins

Kucka has the chance to hit one from range when he finds himself in space near the edge of the box, but he mishits it and it bobbles harmlessly wide.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:37 , Chris Wilson

77 mins

Close for Slovenia! Schranz is found on the overlap down the right, and he fizzes a ball across to Strelec, who tries the clever flicked finish with the inside of his back foot, but it comes off Faes and goes out for a corner.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:35 , Chris Wilson

76 mins

Suslov wins a free-kick after Tielemans brings him down on the counter, and the Belgian is booked for his troubles.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:33 , Chris Wilson

75 mins

Youri Tielemans replaces Leandro Trossard for Belgium.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:33 , Chris Wilson

74 mins

Doku is dispossessed and it gives Slovakia the chance to attack, but they don’t throw many men forward, preferring to recycle possession before Schranz wins a foul near halfway.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:31 , Chris Wilson

73 mins

Greta chance for Belgium as the ball is given away in the Slovakia half and it rolls to Bakayoko. He tries to slip the ball through into the box and Lukaku collects, but he can’t ship it on to Doku.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:30 , Chris Wilson

71 mins

Strelec and Suslov are involved straight away as Slovakia attack, and it ends with the latter losing out to Faes for a goal kick.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:29 , Chris Wilson

69 mins

Slovakia make two changes as Bozinik and Haraslin come off for Strelec and Suslov.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:27 , Chris Wilson

68 mins

Belgium have a free-kick in a dangerous position after what looked like a fair challenge from Duda on Onana.

De Bruyne delivers, but it’s headed away by Bozinik.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:25 , Chris Wilson

65 mins

Hancko is okay to carry on, and play resumes with Belgium attacking once more after Bozinik gives it away.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:24 , Chris Wilson

60 mins

As that VAR check was ongoing, Johan Bakayoko replaced Mangala.

And the PSV winger has a chance almost right away! Doku delivers another ball across the area which Dubravka pushes straight to Bakayoko, who’s standing near the penalty spot. He gets it out from under his feet and hits a shot which has beaten the ‘keeper, but Hancko is on the line to clear it away!

The defender stays down briefly – his head crashed against Vavro’s knee as he cleared it.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:21 , Chris Wilson

61 mins

Another dangerous ball across goal by Doku, and this one is cleared behind for a corner, which Belgium can’t create an opportunity from,

Moments later, De Bruyne clips a ball towards Lukaku at the far post, but he volleys into the side-netting after the clearing header falls to him!

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:19 , Chris Wilson

59 mins

Belgium looked buoyed after that disallowed goal, and they come again. Trossard unleashes a shot from the right, but Dubravka saves.

DISALLOWED GOAL! Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:17 , Chris Wilson

57 mins

The goal is chalked off after a brief VAR check! Lukaku had just strayed offside as Onana got his head to it.

Still 1-0 to Slovakia!

GOAL! Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:16 , Chris Wilson

56 mins

GOAL! Belgium equalise!

De Bruyne takes a short corner to Trossard, who clips it to the back post. Onana heads it back across goal to Lukaku, who is unmarked, and he bundles it in!

There’s a VAR check for offside though! Lukaku looks off…

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:15 , Chris Wilson

54 mins

Both sides have continued to give away possession needlessly at times so far this half, but on this occasion Doku does well to retain the ball and sweep it on to De Bruyne. He tries to release Trossard in the box, but it’s cut out.

Moments later, Lukaku has a chance as he’s played in on the right of the box, but it’s saved behind for a corner.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:11 , Chris Wilson

51 mins

Sloppy from Faes as he gives it straight to Slovakia in the Belgium half, but Onana does well to sniff out the danger.

Slovakia come again and Vavro shoots from distance, but it bounces wide.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:08 , Chris Wilson

49 mins

Doku does well to release Carrasco down the left, but the full-back wastes his attempted pass into the box.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:06 , Chris Wilson

47 mins

Doku nips in to win the ball before exchanging passes with De Bruyne, but he’s tackled in the box.

Slovakia counter, and Haraslin cuts inside from the left before curling an effort wide of the far post.

KICK-OFF! Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:05 , Chris Wilson

KICK-OFF! Belgium get us underway in the second half. It looks like Doku and Trossard have swapped wings.

No changes at the break.

HALF-TIME: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:04 , Chris Wilson

That was Slovakia’s fastest ever goal at a major tournament apparently, and it has put them in a great position in Group E.

If they can keep the result like this, they’ll have an amazing opportunity to qualify for the last 16.

Both teams are back out on the pitch and the second half is imminent.

HALF-TIME: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

18:00 , Chris Wilson

Belgium will be hugely disappointed with that first half, although Doku has shown promise and the threat provided by De Bruyne and Lukaku was evident throughout.

They will be confident of getting back into it, but they’ll need to perform far better if they’re to take three points from their Euros opener.

Conversely, Slovakia could hardly have imagined a better start. They were gifted a goal and have created a couple of good opportunities, with the only thing lacking being the final pass on a couple of occasions. On another day they could be 2-0 up!

HALF-TIME: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:55 , Chris Wilson

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Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:49 , Chris Wilson

47 mins

Slovakia do win two corners as the half ends, and the referee blows the whistle soon after Kucka heads wide.

A disappointing half for the Red Devils, who haven’t really got going, but a brilliant half for Slovakia!

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:48 , Chris Wilson

46 mins

Doku thinks he’s won a corner, but Lukaku is offside when he tries to collect Faes’ long ball.

Very little activity as the half comes to an end.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:47 , Chris Wilson

45 mins

There’ll be two minutes of added time.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:46 , Chris Wilson

44 mins

De Bruyne is dropping deeper as he tries to influence the game more, but no luck so far despite Doku’s best intentions.

Another Belgium attack ends as Slovakia win a free-kick near halfway.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:44 , Chris Wilson

42 mins

Schranz is booked after hauling down Carrasco to stop the counter.

Suddenly Lukaku is one-v-one with Dubravka after a ball over the top from Carrasco, but he can’t fully bring it under control and his touch to take it past Dubravka is too heavy.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:41 , Chris Wilson

40 mins


The link-up between Carrasco and Trossard hasn’t clicked yet, and the Arsenal man loses it again.

Slovakia attack again with Kucka down the right, and he delivers a pinpoint cross to Haraslin, whose volley is brilliantly saved by Casteels.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:39 , Chris Wilson

38 mins

Slovakia win another cheap corner, and Duda delivers it, but Castagne heads clear.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:37 , Chris Wilson

37 mins

De Bruyne swings in the corner and Onana meets it around seven yards out, but he can only direct it straight at Dubravka.

Hancko is okay to come back on.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:36 , Chris Wilson

35 mins

Doku wins a corner after beating Hancko on the outside and trying to clip in a cross. Hancko stays down after sliding in, and he’ll need some treatment.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:34 , Chris Wilson

33 mins

Lukaku receives the ball with his back to goal and tries to scoop it through to De Bruyne, but it’s intercepted.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:32 , Chris Wilson

31 mins

Belgium have some defending to do as Slovakia keep possession, but Castagne does well to block the cross. Slovakia come again, with Haraslin laying it to Bozenik on the edge of the box, but the latter’s shot is tame and straight at Casteels.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:31 , Chris Wilson

30 mins

Some decent attacking intent from Belgium but Trossard’s pass to Mangala is poor, and the latter is booked after fouling Haraslin.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:30 , Chris Wilson

28 mins

Pekarik goes straight through the back of Trossard on halfway, but he avoids the booking. Belgium recycle possession, but Carrasco’s ball over the top is cut out.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:27 , Chris Wilson

25 mins

Onana loses the ball twice in midfield, but he’s lucky that Slovakia can’t capitalise. There’s been plenty of sloppy passes and poor decision-making by both sides in possession.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:24 , Chris Wilson

23 mins

Slovakia’s attacking has been a little disjointed at times, with Haraslin the latest example as he spins his marker and tries to play the ball behind the defence, but the strikers had dropped in.

Soon after, Bozenik tries the shot from distance but it’s blocked.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:22 , Chris Wilson

21 mins

CLOSE! Dubravka receives the ball near the edge of his box, and he’s being closed down by De Bruyne. He panics and pokes it straight to Trossard, but the Arsenal man can’t get the right connection on his attempted lob, and it loops over.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:20 , Chris Wilson

19 mins

Slovakia’s first meaningful attack in a while ends with Faes conceding a corner. Haraslin delivers, but Faes heads away.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:17 , Chris Wilson

16 mins

Almost excellent play as Trossard lays it off to De Bruyne before making the run in behind the defence. De Bruyne almost finds him in the box, but it’s cut out.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:17 , Chris Wilson

15 mins

Slovakia are looking to counter where possible, and they seem happy to let Belgium have more of the ball.

Jeremy Doku cuts in from the right and shoots, but it’s headed away easily enough. He’s been the bright spark so far, despite his mistake.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:14 , Chris Wilson

13 mins

First chance for Belgium to swing a set-piece into the box as De Bruyne is fouled around 30 yards out. The City midfielder clips one towards the back post, but neither Onana nor Lukaku can reach it.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:12 , Chris Wilson

10 mins

Doku tries to make amends immediately but he ends up conceding a foul as he dribbled into the box.

Slovakia try and counter and win a free-kick halfway into the Belgian half.

GOAL! Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

17:10 , Chris Wilson

7 mins

GOAL! And it’s first blood to Slovakia!

Sloppy from Belgium as Doku tries to play out through his own box, and it’s cut out . The original shot is saved by Casteels, but it drops to the feet of Schranz, who hits it back across the ‘keeper and into the far corner!

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-0 Slovakia

17:08 , Chris Wilson

5 mins

CLOSE! And again from Belgium! There’s a huge gap in the Slovakia defence and Doku slips a through ball to Lukaku, who tries to round the ‘keeper but his touch is heavy.

It falls to Trossard and he tries to clip it over to De Bruyne, but Dubravka collects.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-0 Slovakia

17:04 , Chris Wilson

3 mins


An early insight into what Doku can do as he spins his man near halfway, beats another challenge and drives into the box. He squares it to De Bruyne, whose half-pass, half-shot lands at the feet of Lukaku, but the striker can’t get enough power on the shot.

Euro 2024: Belgium 0-0 Slovakia

17:03 , Chris Wilson

1 min

Sloppy start from Slovakia as they kick it straight out when trying to play out from the back. Early nerves maybe?

Belgium are knocking it around the back in the early stages , with Slovakia pressing high.

Yannik Carrasco is playing as a traditional left-back as the game begins.

KICK-OFF! Belgium 0-0 Slovakia

17:01 , Chris Wilson

KICK-OFF! We’re underway in Frankfurt, with Slovakia getting us started in the second game of the day.

Belgium vs Slovakia LIVE

16:58 , Chris Wilson

The anthems are done, the teams are lining up and kick-off is imminent in Frankfurt.

Will Belgium get off to the start they’re expected to?

Belgium vs Slovakia LIVE

16:55 , Chris Wilson

Both teams are in the tunnel as we approach kick-off. Kevin De Bruyne is looking especially determined.

We’re lining up for the national anthems.

16:50 , Chris Wilson

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Match stats and form

16:45 , Chris Wilson

Belgium are so far unbeaten in their 14 games under new manager Domenico Tedesco, with 10 wins and four draws.

The Red Devils won both of their warm-up games (3-0 vs Luxembourg and 2-0 vs Montenegro) and drew 2-2 to England and 0-0 to Ireland in two friendlies in March. They finished their qualification campaign with a resounding 5-0 win against Azerbaijan in November 2023.

Slovakia are playing in their third Euros, with their best result coming in their debut at Euro 2016, when they exited at the last 16 stage to Germany.

They won both of their warm-up games 4-0 (against Wales and San Marino respectively), though they lost 2-0 to Austria and drew 1-1 with Norway in their March friendlies.

Last November, they finished their qualification campaign with a 4-2 win against Iceland and a 2-1 victory against Bosnia and Herzegovina. They qualified second in their group with 22 points, eight behind group winners Portugal.

Head-to-head and recent tournaments

16:40 , Chris Wilson

Belgium and Slovakia have never met in a major tournament, but they have faced each other in three international friendlies.

The Red Devils won the most recent meeting between the sides 2-1 in 2013, with the other two games – in 2006 and 2002 – both ending in a 1-1 draw.

Belgium are looking to build on a disappointing performance at Euro 2020, when they exited at the quarter-final stage at the hands of eventual winners Italy.

Slovakia also took part in that tournament, but were eliminated in the group stages – despite beating Poland 2-1 – after a 5-0 loss to Spain and a 1-0 loss to Sweden.

Belgium vs Slovakia prediction

16:35 , Chris Wilson

Belgium click into gear with a convincing win that offers a reminder of their attacking talents, with Trossaard and Lukaku on the scoresheet. Belgium 3-0 Slovakia.

16:30 , Chris Wilson

An updated list of the results and reports from Euro 2024 so far.

Friday, June 14

Group A, Munich: Germany 5-1 Scotland

June 15

Group A, Cologne: Hungary 1-3 Switzerland

Group B, Berlin: Spain 3-0 Croatia

Group B, Dortmund: Italy 2-1 Albania

June 16

Group D, Hamburg: Poland 1-2 Netherlands

Group C, Stuttgart: Slovenia 1-1 Denmark

Group C, Gelsenkirchen: Serbia 0-1 England

June 17

Group E, Munich: Romania 3-0 Ukraine

Is Belgium vs Slovakia on TV? Channel, start time and how to watch Euro 2024 fixture online tonight

16:20 , Chris Wilson

Looking to the second game of the day, Belgium face Slovakia in Frankfurt in the second game of Group E.

The fixture will kick off at 5pm BST, and it will be shown live on ITV 1 and ITV X, with coverage starting from 4:15pm. You can find a full list of which channel is showing each match here.

Is Belgium vs Slovakia on TV? Channel, time and how to watch tonight

Belgium vs Slovakia LIVE

16:15 , Chris Wilson

Belgium are ready to start their Euros campaign!

Radu Dragusin, Romania’s defensive pillar at Euro 2024 – who Tottenham fans haven’t seen yet

16:11 , Mike Jones

Unbeaten in qualifying, perhaps there shouldn’t be quite so much surprise over Romania’s thumping victory over Ukraine.

The Tricolorii scored both well-worked and thunderously-hit strikes, claimed a 3-0 win in Group E and got themselves off to a magnificent start at Euro 2024, already a huge step towards the knockouts taken – something they’ve not managed since Euro 2000.

And yet for all the explosive nature of both goals and celebrations, Romania’s biggest strength in qualifying was one they showed again here in less obvious terms: their defensive resolve and organisation.

Radu Dragusin, Romania’s defensive pillar – who Tottenham fans haven’t seen yet

16:11 , Chris Wilson

Fans and players alike are getting ready for Belgium vs Slovakia…

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

FT Romania 3-0 Ukraine

16:08 , Mike Jones

Here’s a look at Razvan Marin’s strike which gave Romania a two-goal cushion versus Ukraine:

FT Romania 3-0 Ukraine

16:04 , Mike Jones

Romania have earned their biggest ever victory in a major tournament (World Cup/Euros), while their 29% possession is the lowest on record (since 1980) for a winning side in a match at the European Championship.

FT Romania 3-0 Ukraine

16:00 , Mike Jones

Dennis Man is the first Romanian player with 2+ assists in a single match at a major tournament since Gheorghe Hagi against Colombia in the 1994 World Cup.

FT Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:56 , Mike Jones





15:55 , Chris Wilson

BELGIUM XI: Casteels; Castagne, Faes, Debat, Carrasco; Mangala, Onana; Doku, De Bruyne, Trossard; Lukaku.

SUBS: Kaminski, Sels, Bakayoko, De Cuyper, De Ketelaere, Lukebakio, Openda, Theate, Tielemans, Vermeeren, Vranckx, Vertonghen, Witsel.

SLOVAKIA XI: Dúbravka; Pekarík, Vavro, Skriniar, Hancko; Kucka, Lobotka, Duda; Schranz, Bozeník, Haraslín.

Full-time! Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:52 , Mike Jones

90+4 mins: The whistle goes to end a wonderful match for Romania. They’ve come to Munich and blown Ukraine out of the water continuing their fine form from Euro 2024 qualifying.

Goals for Nicolae Stanciu, Razvan Marin and Denis Dragus gave the Romanians a comfortable margin of victory and puts down a marker that they mean business in this tournament.

It was a disappointing day out for Ukraine who need to bounce back quickly ahead of their next match versus Slovakia.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:49 , Mike Jones

90 mins: Four minutes of added time to play.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:47 , Mike Jones

87 mins: A corner ball for Ukraine is whipped in to the near post where Puscas leaps for the header. He flicks it on and almost turns it into his own net.

The ball goes out for a second corner instead but Mudryk’s delivery is cleared this time.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:43 , Mike Jones

84 mins: Romania’s next match is against Belgium which could decide if they make it into the last-16. If they avoid losing there then they are sure to book a spot in the knockouts.

Based on their performance today, it’s not unreasonable to think they could challenge for the win too.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:42 , Mike Jones

81 mins: Razvan Marin goes into the book for a silly foul. Ukraine have a free-kick but it’s some way out. Mykhailo Mudryk curls it in to no avail.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:36 , Mike Jones

78 mins: Save! Florin Nita wants his clean sheet. Georgiy Sudakov has plenty of defenders ahead of him but decide to go from goal from outside the box.

His effort is cleanly struck with a touch of swerve on the ball. Nita leaps to his right and manages to get to the ball, he drops it but keeps it from crossing the line and eventually smothers the danger.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:34 , Mike Jones

75 mins: 15 minutes to go and Romania look very comfortable. Denis Dragus is replaced with George Puscas and receives a warm round of cheers from the Romania fans as he makes his exit from the pitch.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:31 , Mike Jones

72 mins: Radu Dragusin steps up for Romania once again and tracks deep into his own box to block a cross behind for a corner. The Tottenham defender has been a stalwart in defence for Romania today and has marshalled his team brilliantly.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:26 , Mike Jones

69 mins: Yukhym Konoplia drags down a Romanian player and collects the first yellow card of the game. The set piece gets whipped into the near post and lands in the side netting.

Andriy Lunin seems to have had it covered at the near post.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:25 , Mike Jones

66 mins: The only saving grace for Ukraine is that this group is one of the better ones to be in. Only Belgium offer a constant threat with Slovakia the other team involved.

Should the Ukranians be unable to turn this match around, a win against one of those other two teams may be enough to send them through.

Romania will be on cloud nine. They’ll certainly have their sights on the knockout rounds now.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:23 , Mike Jones

63 mins: Ukraine have the chance to spoil the party with a free kick. Mudryk flicks the ball into the penalty area and watches as it gets nodded down to Yarmolenko who’s just been brought on.

He shoots but lifts the shot over the crossbar.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

15:18 , Mike Jones

60 mins: An hour played in Munich and the game is done. It’s been a shocking performance from Ukraine since the opening goal went in with Romania constantly growing in confidence and skill.

Denis Dragus has been incredible at the top of the pitch and he’s been rewarded with a goal.

GOAL! Romania 3-0 Ukraine (Dragus, 57’)⚽️

15:16 , Mike Jones

57 mins: Another one!

Romania are in total control now. From a short Dennis Man dances into the box with the ball before slipping a pass through to Denis Dragus.

He pokes the ball into the open net and the celebrations begin again.

GOAL! Romania 2-0 Ukraine (R. Marin, 53’)⚽️

15:13 , Mike Jones

53 mins: Bang!

Romania wrestle back the ball in the middle of the pitch with Denis Dragus bringing it forward before passing out wide to Dennis Man.

Man darts along the front edge of the penalty area before nudging the ball back to Rasvan Marin. He wastes no time in taking a shto from range and smokes it underneath the goalkeeper to pick out the bottom corner!

Romania 1-0 Ukraine

15:10 , Mike Jones

52 mins: Ukraine are hungry for this equaliser. Mudryk weaves into the box from the left this time before driving a low shot towards goal only to see the effort blocked.

Romania 1-0 Ukraine

15:08 , Mike Jones

51 mins: Sudakov looks to make something happen for Ukraine. He receives the ball on the left side of the pitch and skips a tackle before taking a shot.

It’s not a good one and the ball sails high and wide.

Romania 1-0 Ukraine

15:05 , Mike Jones

48 mins: Konoplia looks for Dovbyk who makes a run into the penalty area. The cross is slightly behind the forward who looked to by offside in any case.

Ukraine need to start the second half well. They faded away after the goal and need to reignite the energy they started the game with.

Second half! Romania 1-0 Ukraine

15:04 , Mike Jones

No changes to the teams at the break as Romania get the ball rolling once again. Can they hold onto their lead and see out this game?

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