George Norcross III indicted. Who was charged? What are the charges?

George Norcross III, the Democratic Party power broker from South Jersey who has had significant influence on New Jersey politics for decades, was indicted Monday on racketeering charges brought by New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin.

What does the Norcross indictment allege?

A 13-count indictment alleges Norcross and five associates obtained both property and property rights on the waterfront in Camden, collected millions of dollars in government-issued tax credits and controlled and influenced government officials to further their own interests for property and property rights through coercion, extortion and other criminal acts. Norcross and his associates, including his brother, Philip Norcross, were each charged with first-degree racketeering.

Rep. Donald Norcross, another of Norcross’ brothers who represents New Jersey’s 1st Congressional District as a Democrat, was not implicated or charged.

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Platkin details charges:George Norcross III, South Jersey’s Democratic power broker, faces racketeering charges

Who was charged by the NJ attorney general?

Platkin’s office detailed who was charged in the case:

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