Julian Lennon Wishes ‘Uncle’ Paul McCartney Happy 82nd Birthday with Sweet ‘Hey Jude’ Clip: ‘Only Love’

Julian Lennon is celebrating his “uncle” Paul!

On Tuesday, June 18, Julian, 61, — the son of Beatles legend John Lennon and his first wife Cynthia — marked Paul McCartney’s 82nd birthday with a special message on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“Hoppy Birdy, Uncle Paul! Only love… Jude x,” Julian’s caption read as he shared a video montage of himself as a child with McCartney.

Played alongside The Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude,” the first photo featured a younger McCartney sitting beside Julian on the grass.

The pair were then pictured walking together before the video switched to a snap of them playing on the shoreline by the sea.

The video finished with a photo of McCartney carrying a little Julian.

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Paul McCartney and Julian Lennon. SSPL/Getty

“Awww. Hey Jude. I’m crying,” one person commented, while another added, “Beautiful tribute to Paul, Julian.”

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Back in March, McCartney confirmed in an episode of Paul McCartney: A Life in Lyrics on iHeartRadio, that Julian inspired “Hey Jude.”

This came after Julian’s parents announced their divorce due to John’s relationship with his second wife Yoko Ono.

“I was traveling one day to see Julian Lennon and his mother Cynthia and I used to call him Jules,” McCartney said. “So the song started off as I was in the car driving out, which was a 45-minute drive out of central London. People had sort of suggested, ‘Oh, I fancied Cynthia’ but people can suggest anything. I didn’t. I was just going out, just as a friend. Just to sort of see them.”

Paul McCartney during day four of Glastonbury Festival on June 25, 2022. Harry Durrant/Getty

The Beatles frontman then explained that he wanted the song to be encouraging for Julian.

“So in my mind I’m thinking ‘Hey Jules’ you know, ‘don’t make it bad.’ You know, I know this is tough for you but ‘take a sad song and make it better.’ Your dad’s just left you so I was like, trying to be encouraging,” the musician added. ”It was an encouraging song. Remember to let love into your heart and it will make it better.”

Explaining how he changed the direction of the song from someone being afraid of something “like a divorce,” McCartney added, “So then I start going ‘you were made to go out and get her.’ Now there is a woman arrived on the scene so now he’s sad about a breakup. So ‘remember to let her under your skin and then you begin to make it better.’ “

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