‘I freaked out’: Howie Mandel reveals that he found his wife lying in a pool of blood

Howie Mandel said his wife, Terry Mandel, suffered a scary and bloody fall after a night out in Las Vegas.

Howie Mandel has revealed that his wife, Terry Mandel, suffered a bloody fall in their hotel room after an outing in Las Vegas.

The “America’s Got Talent” judge recalled Monday on “Live With Kelly and Mark” that a “tipsy” Terry, who had had dinner and drinks earlier, had gotten up at night and then “headed into the wall.”

“She fell and hit the wainscoting,” Mandel said. “She hit that as she went down. She slipped, went down, hit that on her eye, then fell on the floor and broke her cheek.”


Mandel showed images of Terry’s injuries, which include a swollen and bruised eye and scarring on her forehead. She’s “doing well” since the accident, which occurred in February, according to People.

Mandel said he was awakened by his wife’s fall. When he turned on the light, he saw a pool of blood around her head, prompting him to “freak out” because she’s “the love of my life. This is everything I have.”

“You could actually see her skull,” he said. “It opened up.”

Mandel said he picked up his wife and laid her on the bed. The sight of blood was everywhere, he said.

Terry asked Mandel to “get me ice, get me ice,” but the game show host could find only cold cans of soda from the mini-fridge in the hotel room. Terry, apparently in pain, threw the cans of soda across the room and asked for ice again.

Mandel then called hotel staff and urged them to call 911. Security showed up at the door “within a second,” raising an eyebrow at the chaotic scene before them. Understanding the optics of the situation, Mandel clarified to security that he loved his wife and pleaded with them to get her help.

He said he took her to the hospital, where an intoxicated Terry, who had a sheet over her face, told the doctor she couldn’t see on her left side.


“The doctor says, ‘Just take the sheet off your face,’” Mandel said.

Mandel did not say whether his wife stayed overnight at the hospital.

But the television personality did clarify that Terry — whom he’s been married to since 1980 — is “absolutely perfect” and has recovered.

“There is not a scar,” he said. “She is beautiful.”

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