Croatia 2-2 Albania: Euro 2024 – as it happened

15h ago 11.23 EDT Here’s how we’re looking ahead of Spain v Italy (doesn’t that sound exciting?) tomorrow night. Basically … not pretty for Croatia. Share

15h ago 11.11 EDT Earlier in the inbox from Charles Antaki. It was meant to be. “Kári Tulinius is right – in some moral universe, Albania certainly deserve better than this. We know of course that this isn’t a moral universe, certainly not in commercial football, but the international game does seem to be somehow less corrupt and less weighted down by what money can buy. So bravo Albania. Oh they’ve scored!” Share

16h ago 10.57 EDT FULL-TIME: Croatia 2-2 Albania Terrific. Croatia found their way again in the second half, scoring a couple in the space of a few minutes, but Albania just refused to give in, and Gjasula showed his character to score the equaliser after accidentally granting Croatia a goal. This tournament is delivering. Share Updated at 10.58 EDT

16h ago 10.57 EDT 90+8 min: And it’s break to break, end to end, who wants it? Kovacic has a shot unconvincingly saved and then the final whistle finally goes. LET THEM KEEP PLAYING! Share

16h ago 10.56 EDT 90+7 min: Gjasula cynically fouls Modric to stop a Croatia break. I cannot keep up with this. Share

16h ago 10.53 EDT GOAL! Croatia 2-2 Albania (Gjasula 90+5) Amazing. They work it brilliantly down the left, Hoxha holding it up to play in Mitaj, who cuts it back into the box and Gjasula, the man who scored the own goal, sweeps in this time for his side. What a game. View image in fullscreen Klaus Gjasula hits back for Albainia! Photograph: Dan Mullan/Getty Images View image in fullscreen Incredible scenes in Hamburg! Photograph: Dan Mullan/Getty Images Share Updated at 11.01 EDT

16h ago 10.52 EDT 90+3 min: Chaos in the Croatia box as Daku has two goes inside the box, his final effort blasted over the bar. It’s pinball in there but Croatia get enough bodies back to resist. Share

16h ago 10.51 EDT 90+2 min: Livakovic has a bit of treatment after his follow-up save. Six minutes have been added on by the way. Share

16h ago 10.50 EDT 90 min: What an effort from Hoxha, drifting in from the left to leave behind a trail of Croatia shirts before Livakovic gets down to his right to save the shot from outside the box, and a follow-up from close range is blasted over … but the flag went up anyway. Share Updated at 10.50 EDT

16h ago 10.47 EDT 88 min: Modric suddenly presses the accelerator, shifting the ball for a shot that goes wide of the left post from 20-25 yards. Share

16h ago 10.45 EDT 87 min: The offside flag goes up to stop Albania’s attack – suddenly everything is beginning to go Croatia’s way. Share

16h ago 10.44 EDT 86 min: “A week ago I’d barely heard of any of the players on the Albanian team, and now I’m absolutely distraught that they’re losing,” writes Kári Tulinius. “Football is stupid and cruel.” Share

16h ago 10.43 EDT 85 min: Kramaric, the birthday boy and goalscorer, is off. He’s done his job today. Share

16h ago 10.41 EDT 82 min: Croatia aren’t willing to stop their waves of attacks as Perisic deals with a cross from the Albanian left with incredible calm, chesting it back to his keeper. Share

16h ago 10.35 EDT GOAL! Croatia 2-1 Albania (OG Gjasula 76) What a turnaround! It’s the substitutes who make it happen, with Budimir’s pull-back finding Sucic, whose shot from close range is blocked in front of an empty net by Djimsiti … but it unfortunately rebounds off the onrushing Gjasula and into the net. View image in fullscreen Disaster for Albania! Photograph: Lisi Niesner/Reuters View image in fullscreen Luka Sucic and Ivan Perisic celebrate in the chaos! Photograph: Lisi Niesner/Reuters Share Updated at 10.40 EDT

16h ago 10.32 EDT GOAL! Croatia 1-1 Albania (Kramaric 74) It was on its way. A nice flick from Budimir on the edge of the box finds Kramaric on the left and he sends the ball through the legs of the defender and low into the net for the equaliser. View image in fullscreen Andrej Kramaric stabs in the equaliser for Croatia! Photograph: Dan Mullan/Getty Images Share Updated at 10.36 EDT

16h ago 10.32 EDT 73 min: Seferi holds the ball up well for Albania and gets a shot away, but it lacks any real venom. Share

16h ago 10.31 EDT 72 min: Kramaric pulls off a nice dummy to try and play a one-two but the return ball doesn’t find him inside the box. Albania’s goalscorer Laci is off for Gjasula. Share

16h ago 10.29 EDT 71 min: It’s a good ball in from Modric but another Albanian defensive header gets it clear. Share

16h ago 10.28 EDT 70 min: Petkovic has gone off for Budimir, who wins a corner after trying to cross from the left. Share

16h ago 10.27 EDT 69 min: This time the cross is from the left, brilliantly put in by Perisic, but the header at the far post goes over the bar. Croatia are getting closer. Share

16h ago 10.26 EDT 68 min: Juranvoic crosses from the right, but the big man, Petkovic, can’t get to it. Share

16h ago 10.25 EDT 66 min: Bajrami has space on the right and decides to go at it alone, getting into the box but blasting the ball wide of the right post. Share

16h ago 10.24 EDT 65 min: The ref stops play as Sutalo goes down. There’s a yellow shown by the ref to someone in the Croatian backroom staff, Vedran Corluka apparently, for doing something naughty. Share

16h ago 10.22 EDT 63 min: Better from Albania, working it around the edge of the box before Asllani has a punt, but he can’t find the corners, with Livakovic cleaning up. Share

16h ago 10.20 EDT Morgan Watkins writes: “I’m reading your report in my biology class with my mates, we’re English but rooting for Albania in hopes of an Italy exit, also Albania are playing exciting football, especially Jasir Asani.” Share

16h ago 10.18 EDT 60 min: Ramadani goes down in pain after blocking a stinging Modric shot. Share

16h ago 10.17 EDT 59 min: Albania seem to have lost their attacking vigour and are just about holding the fort now in a game of attack versus defence. Share

16h ago 10.16 EDT 58 min: Another strong chance for Croatia, with Petkovic’s header deflected out for a corner … Modric swings it in at the front post and Sutalo, a yard or two away from goal, somehow heads wide. View image in fullscreen Luka Modric on the move. Photograph: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images Share Updated at 10.21 EDT

16h ago 10.14 EDT 56 min: Ramadani launches an Albania attack knocking the ball nicely out to the left. Share

16h ago 10.13 EDT 54 min: There’s a lot of space out on the left for Perisic, with Kramaric operating in the middle for Croatia. Share Updated at 11.28 EDT

16h ago 10.12 EDT 53 min: Kovacic’s shot from outside the box is deflected … but it isn’t enough to completely wrongfoot Strakosha who keeps his balance and saves. Share

16h ago 10.10 EDT 52 min: Pasalic gets on the end of a cross from the right but heads it across rather than at the goal. Share

16h ago 10.09 EDT 50 min: Tidy build-up from Croatia sees the ball break nicely on the right side of the box for Sucic to shoot with his left … but Strakosha gets low to his right to push it away. Croatia are ramping up the pressure with the two fresh faces. Share

16h ago 10.07 EDT 49 min: Perisic sends in a dangerous long throw … that Petkovic gets something on. The ball’s out for a goal kick, though. Share

16h ago 10.06 EDT 48 min: Croatia look more lively in the opening exchanges of the second half as they venture into the opposition half, working it from right to left before winning a throw. Share

17h ago 10.04 EDT Peeep again! Croatia make two changes, with Pasalic and Sucic on for Brozovic and Majer. Share

17h ago 10.01 EDT Richard Hirst writes: “Chapeau to Steven Grundy for introducing an exciting new saying into the MBM: ‘fighting like beavers’ is a good one, though I feel I need to know a bit more about how beavers fight.” Not the first time I’ve heard it. Share

17h ago 09.59 EDT “It hurts to see so many good players play one tournament too many,” writes Fredrik Lorentzson. “Please hang up your spurs, Luka. I do not want to remember you this way.” Still time for a Croatian comeback, Fredrik … Share

17h ago 09.56 EDT “I’ve got no connection to either country but last night I got an e-mail from Austrian Railways saying that the Croatian Railway has informed them they need to do urgent maintenance work on some sleeper carriages and as a result I’ll be doing an overnight trip in a regular seat carriage instead,” writes Kieran Taylor. “I hope Albania thrash them.” Share

17h ago 09.53 EDT “When did Albania turn into 1980’s Brazil?” asks Steven Grundy. “They have been outstanding. They are fighting like beavers for every ball and are playing some quality stuff. Very impressive. Seems Max Rushden was proven right about seven years too late – the Croatians look tired.” Share

17h ago 09.47 EDT 45+2 min: Croatia finally get serious numbers in the box and the ref’s whistle goes for a Croatian offence but a header is still saved terrifically by Strakosha, diving low to his left. Share Updated at 09.50 EDT

17h ago 09.46 EDT 45+1 min: Manaj has a free header in the middle … but can’t get strong enough contact and Livakovic collects. Share

17h ago 09.43 EDT 42 min: Perisic sends a cross deep from the left before Majer tries to get a head on a cross from the right … the ref says it’s a goalkick. Share

17h ago 09.41 EDT 41 min: Kramaric twists and turns on the left but his cross is headed away before Manaj is brought down for a free-kick. Share

17h ago 09.40 EDT 40 min: A strange sight to see Modric’s struggles in this half. Kovacic is dispossessed as Albania race forward before Croatia regain their shape. The underdogs settle into possession, though, as Asllani is brought down in his own half by Kramaric. Share

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