Scotland 1-1 Switzerland: Euro 2024 – as it happened

1d ago 17.28 EDT Steve Clarke lands a couple of zingers on the BBC. “It was nice to see them! … we didn’t turn up in the first game … we know how we can play … we know we have to be aggressive … we’re a good team when we play … you have to put the first game off as a really bad night for us … we sat back too much … tonight we made sure we went after the ball … it worked against a very good Switzerland team … if [Ralston’s misplaced pass] falls to any other Swiss player, I don’t think they score … if it falls to Shaqiri … you get harshly punished for a small mistake … it was a good game between two evenly matched sides … [the short turnaround between now and Sunday] is why went to Garmisch-Partenkirchen … they have fantastic facilities … a lovely river floating through it with glacial melt coming off the mountains … we might just sit them in the river for a couple of days!” He also reports that Kieran Tierney is “definitely out … it looks pretty bad … Kieran won’t make the next game … it’s a shame but someone else has to step in and step up to the mark.” Share

1d ago 17.13 EDT Angus Gunn’s turn to speak to the Beeb. “Everything from the start was ten times better … our aggression, winning the ball high up … the lads managed to keep it going for 90 minutes … it was much more like us … [a lack of aggression] was where it started on Friday, where we let ourselves down … that’s what we wanted to bring back and we did that … you can see what a lift it gives the players and the fans … it was a pretty even second half … we’ll take it to the last game … personally I was hurting after the game on Friday, I didn’t feel like I did myself justice … that was the motivation for today, to show what we’re all about … everyone to a man did that today … we wanted to go into the last game having something to play for … we know what we have to do … hopefully we’ll pull off another big game for Scotland.” Share

1d ago 17.07 EDT Billy Gilmour talks to the BBC. “We gave everything out there … we knew we had to bounce back after the last performance … it puts us in a good place … we did well tonight and now we focus on the next … tonight was more like a Scotland performance … we put everything into that … we believed … we’ve been working straight after the Germany game … to make sure we did it right … in the opening game maybe nerves kicked in … tonight everything was there.” Share

1d ago 17.03 EDT Andrew Robertson speaks to the BBC. “More like us, much more like us … aggressive, on the front foot … couldn’t get off to a better start … we made a mistake but let’s make no mistake about it, Tony Ralston was unbelievable after that mistake … not many people could come back from that … second half he was different class … fair play to him … we had our chances but so did they … an open game between two really good teams going at it … we were a lot more happy with our performance … we’ll take the draw … we’ve taken it to the last game and that’s all we can ask … it was about getting back to being us … we’ve left absolutely everything out there … we need to go again Sunday … we faced a really good team today and we face another on Sunday … we can take a lot of positives from tonight … but we can also bring even more, so that’s the good thing … hopefully you’ll see that on Sunday, but we need to get into our beds now and recover!” Share

1d ago 16.58 EDT Scotland go up as a man to their fans and applaud the stellar support they’ve been given. The fans reciprocate the love. Their team, so poor and timid against Germany, put in a proper shift tonight. Scott McTominay started and finished a sweeping first-half move, a goal which was only cancelled out by a moment of genius from Xherdan Shaqiri. Zeki Amdouni should have won it for Switzerland in the last minute of regulation time, it’s true, and yet it’s difficult to argue against Scotland deserving at least a share of the spoils. They played front-foot football in the second half, and while a winner was beyond them, they’ve secured a precious point that means the dream of reaching the knockout stage of an international tournament for the very first time is still a live one. Look! View image in fullscreen The Scotland players applaud their fans. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Share Updated at 17.09 EDT

1d ago 16.53 EDT FULL TIME: Scotland 1-1 Switzerland The whistle goes, and Steve Clarke gives a small punch of the air. Scotland have responded well to their opening-night mishap, and are still very much alive in Group A! Share

1d ago 16.52 EDT 90 min +3: A long ball down the middle is headed on by Amdouni, with the hope of releasing Embolo. Gunn comes to the edge of his box to claim, but only after half-slipping en route, and giving everyone in Scotland palpitations. Share

1d ago 16.50 EDT 90 min +2: McGregor sends a diagonal ball towards Robertson, on the left-hand corner of the six-yard box. Robertson heads cleverly across goal to tee up Shankland … but Akanji arrives just in time to clear! What an intervention! Shankland was preparing to walk that in! View image in fullscreen Manuel Akanji (centre) clears his lines. Photograph: Friedemann Vogel/EPA Share Updated at 17.24 EDT

1d ago 16.48 EDT 90 min: Rieder whips it to the far stick. Amdouni meets it, six yards out, and has to score … but flashes his header wide left! What a huge miss! Scotland then replace Adams and McGinn with Shankland and Christie. There will be four bonus minutes. View image in fullscreen Scotland’s Anthony Ralston is beaten to the header by Switzerland’s Zeki Amdouni (left) but he directs it the wrong side of the upright. Photograph: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images View image in fullscreen Amdouni’s miss brings a variety of reactions from the fans react watching at the FanPark at the BAaD in Glasgow. Photograph: Jane Barlow/PA Share Updated at 17.03 EDT

1d ago 16.47 EDT 89 min: Robertson carelessly – and needlessly – skittles Rieder out on the Swiss right. A chance for Switzerland to send a free kick into the mixer. Everyone lines up on the edge of the box, and … Share

1d ago 16.45 EDT 87 min: Hendry has a speculative look from distance but it’s easy for Sommer. Share

1d ago 16.45 EDT 86 min: Widmer and Ndoye are replaced by Amdouni and Stergiou. Share

1d ago 16.44 EDT 85 min: Sierro clips Adams late and goes into the book. Share

1d ago 16.43 EDT 84 min: Whatever happens here, Scotland have given it a good go. Especially in this second half. They’ve been the more proactive side since the restart. Share

1d ago 16.42 EDT 82 min: … and now, for a second, Scotland were banished to the slough of despond! A simple ball down the middle and Embolo is clear! He draws Gunn and elegantly dinks home, but the flag goes up immediately for offside, and replays show it was clearly the right decision. File this one under Rollercoaster of Emotion in your cliché cupboard. Share

1d ago 16.40 EDT 81 min: McTominay celebrates that news by nearly scoring a second! He starts an attack with a power dribble down the middle, then after some good work by Robertson on the left, and a knock back by Ralston from the right, shapes like Zidane in the 2002 Champions League final to high-kick a shot goalwards. Blocked. By Adams! For a second, Scotland were permitted to dream. View image in fullscreen Unfortunately for Scott McTominay his smart volley was blocked by his teammate. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Share Updated at 16.53 EDT

1d ago 16.38 EDT 80 min: Uefa have officially awarded Scotland’s opener to Scott McTominay. Common sense prevails, though spare a thought for poor old Own Goal, who is no longer Scotland’s all-time leading scorer at European Championship finals. Share

1d ago 16.37 EDT 79 min: Gilmour is replaced by Kenny McLean. Share

1d ago 16.36 EDT 78 min: Ndoye dribbles infield from the left, burning off Ralston with ease. He enters the box and shoots wildly over the bar from a not particularly tight angle. That was a decent opportunity he’d carved out for himself, and he should have done better with it, working Gunn at the very least. Share

1d ago 16.35 EDT 76 min: Scotland are pressing forward, looking for the winner they need more than the Swiss. McKenna wins a corner on the left. That leads to some head tennis. Gilmour goes down having clashed with Widmer but it was six of one, etc., so there’s no penalty, and nor should there be. Eventually McKenna fouls Embolo and the pressure on the Swiss is released. Share

1d ago 16.33 EDT 75 min: Switzerland make a double change, replacing Freuler and Vargas with Sierro and Rieder. Share

1d ago 16.32 EDT 74 min: … but McGinn’s the victim now as Freuler clatters him out on the left flank. The free kick’s met by McKenna, who heads harmlessly over. Share

1d ago 16.31 EDT 72 min: McGinn arrives a week late on Schar and sends his man spinning high into the air like a cheerleader’s baton. He’s always going to get booked for a comedic turn like that. Share

1d ago 16.29 EDT 70 min: … and now the Hampden sigh as Robertson fails to beat the first man. Share

1d ago 16.28 EDT 69 min: McGinn and Gilmour combine to find Ralston in a little bit of space down the right. Ralston attempts to cross but will settle for a corner. The Hampden roar is heard in Cologne as Robertson trots across to take. “If McTominay gets an assist, he’ll have what Canadians call a Gordie Howe hat trick,” reports Liz White. “A goal, a fight (or yellow card), and an assist.” Share

1d ago 16.27 EDT 68 min: McKenna is booked for some cynical wrestling with Embolo. Both had clumps of each other’s shirt, but with Embolo driving forward – or at least attempting to – he was always likely to get the benefit of the decision. Share

1d ago 16.26 EDT 67 min: Robertson takes the free kick. He whips it into the mixer. Deliciously so. Hanley outmuscles Schar six yards out, and aims a header towards the bottom left. But it twangs off the upright and somehow evades everyone as it rebounds through a crowded six-yard box! Scotland so close! And so unlucky! View image in fullscreen Grant Hanley (left) beats Fabian Schar to the ball … Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian View image in fullscreen But it clatters against the upright. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian View image in fullscreen The Scotland players attempt, but fail, to force the rebound home. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Share Updated at 18.02 EDT

1d ago 16.24 EDT 65 min: Gilmour strides into space down the middle of the park and takes a whack from distance. Akanji blocks the piledriver. But Scotland come again, and McTominay is skittled just to the right of the box by Akanji. Free kick in a dangerous position. Share

1d ago 16.23 EDT 64 min: Vargas has the measure of Ralston. He cuts in from the left and looks for the top right. High and wide, but not by too much. The Swiss looking the more likely. Share

1d ago 16.22 EDT 62 min: As Tierney was being stretchered off, Steve Clarke went over and gave him an avuncular pat on the head. Tierney wore the look of a man who knows the injury isn’t good. Hopefully we’ll get a pleasant surprise, and it isn’t as as bad as it looks. But that may be clutching at straws. Share

1d ago 16.20 EDT 61 min: While Scotland were dealing with that, Switzerland were replacing their goalscorer Shaqiri with the dangerous Breel Embolo. Share

1d ago 16.19 EDT 60 min: In fact it was Tierney who Ndoye shrugged off, and he goes down in a heap, immediately signalling for help. He’s done his hamstring and will be replaced by Scott McKenna. He’s stretchered off, and that’s almost certainly his Euro 2024 over. Share

1d ago 16.18 EDT 58 min: A simple long ball down the middle nearly does for Scotland. Ndoye spins Hendry with ease and aims a low drive towards the bottom left. Gunn turns the ball around the post. So close. View image in fullscreen Once again Dan Ndoye is thwarted by Scotland keeper Angus Gunn. Photograph: Friedemann Vogel/EPA Share Updated at 16.26 EDT

1d ago 16.16 EDT 56 min: Vargas has a dig from 25 yards. Easy for Gunn. Scotland haven’t achieved much since the restart, and so their fans holler the loudest rendition of Flower of Scotland since the pre-match niceties. Share

1d ago 16.14 EDT 55 min: Ralston thinks he’s been hauled down by Ndoye, but he hasn’t, not really, and in falling backwards concedes a soft corner. Ndoye gives the referee the thumbs up. Thankfully for Scotland, nothing comes of the resulting set piece. Share

1d ago 16.12 EDT 53 min: Both sets of fans are giving it plenty. So are the players, but it’s to the detriment of quality at the moment. Share

1d ago 16.09 EDT 51 min: McGinn gives Akanji the Harry Kane mid-air nudge, and the Swiss player falls on his back. He stays down, but there’s no whistle. Scotland play on, and eventually the referee stops play, mid-attack. Akanji is thankfully fine, but Scotland are incensed, and McTominay is booked for getting right up in the referee’s grid. Share

1d ago 16.07 EDT 49 min: McGinn attempts to spin Schar down the inside-left channel and is cynically hauled back. The Swiss defender is fortunate to escape a booking, but it’s a free kick. Scotland load the box, but Robertson flaps a dismal delivery straight into the first man. What a waste. View image in fullscreen Scotland’s John McGinn (foreground) is fouled by Switzerland’s Fabian Schar. Photograph: Alessandra Tarantino/AP Share Updated at 16.22 EDT

1d ago 16.05 EDT 47 min: McTominay heads the corner clear, but Vargas immediately wins another. Shaqiri plays this one short, then crosses, and Hendry heads over his own bar, but it won’t be a third corner of the sequence because the flag pops up for offside. Share

1d ago 16.04 EDT 46 min: Widmer probes down the right and wins Switzerland their sixth corner of the match. Shaqiri to take. View image in fullscreen Silvan Widmer probes forward before winning a corner. Photograph: Bradley Collyer/PA Share Updated at 16.20 EDT

1d ago 16.03 EDT Switzerland get the second half underway. No changes. “The good news for Scotland is that they have played well below their capability and the score is even,” writes Kári Tulinius. “The bad news is that they have barely shown glimmers of their quality so far this tournament. Steve Clarke has some motivating to do.” Share

1d ago 15.48 EDT HALF TIME: Scotland 1-1 Switzerland Scotland led for just 13 minutes. But what a time it was to be alive. Steve Clarke’s side have held their own against their more accomplished opponents. Share

1d ago 15.47 EDT 45 min +2: A diminuendo end to the half. Share

1d ago 15.45 EDT 45 min: There will be three added minutes. Share

1d ago 15.44 EDT 44 min: Tell you what, Ndoye wasn’t offside by much before finding the net back then. At first glance he looked well off as he took down Akanji’s header, but Hendry was sitting deep in the middle. An inch or two saved Scotland, nothing more. But then, offside is offside. Share

1d ago 15.43 EDT 42 min: Ndoye probes down the left and cuts back for Xhaka, who looks first time for the top-right corner. Gunn extends to push the shot away from danger. Share

1d ago 15.41 EDT 41 min: McTominay hits it long. Adams rises at the far stick but can’t get anything meaningful on the ball. Sommer gathers. Share

1d ago 15.41 EDT 40 min: Tierney looks long for Robertson down the left. Akanji is forced to knock out for a corner. It’ll be Scotland’s third of the match. Share

1d ago 15.38 EDT 38 min: In it goes. Hendry wins a header but the whistle goes to relieve the pressure on the Swiss. Too much pushing and shoving. Share

1d ago 15.38 EDT 37 min: Some sheer persistence from Adams annoys Rodriguez enough into shipping possession. Then Freuler bowls him over from behind, and this is a free kick 30 yards out, off to the right. McTominay to swing it into the mixer. Share

1d ago 15.36 EDT 36 min: Scotland have settled a bit. A few passes in the midfield. Hey, it’s all relative. And on that subject, here’s Simon McMahon: “Forget the single malts, I think I might need a double malt before half time, Scott. And I’ve a feeling I’ll be consuming Alan Partridge-esque quantities of Toblerone before the end.” Share

1d ago 15.35 EDT 34 min: Gilmour attempts to power past Xhaka but is bowled over. He wants the free kick, but he’s not getting one. “Congrats to Scotland’s goal machine,” begins Peter Oh. “With so many young whippersnappers dominating attention these days, it’s good to see an OG get some love.” Share

1d ago 15.34 EDT 33 min: Scotland half clear the corner. Akanji heads it back in. Ndoye picks up possession and rounds Gunn, who is on walkabout, before hooking into the unguarded net. But the flag pops up for offside. Correctly, too, and there might have been a hand used also. For a second, though Scottish hearts were in mouths. View image in fullscreen Switzerland’s Dan Ndoye (centre) beats Scotland’s keeper Angus Gunn to the ball … Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian View image in fullscreen Before putting the ball into the net but he’s denied a spot on the scoresheet by the offside flag. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Share Updated at 16.12 EDT

1d ago 15.33 EDT 32 min: Vargas drives at the Scottish defence down the inside-left channel. He feeds Ndoye on the overlap. Ndoye chops across McGregor before curling towards the top right. Gunn sticks out a strong arm to turn around the post for a corner. And from that … View image in fullscreen Switzerland’s Dan Ndoye (centre) reacts after his shot is saved by Scotland’s keeper Angus Gunn. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Share Updated at 15.41 EDT

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