Dakota Johnson Has Wardrobe Malfunction On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Dakota Johnson had an unexpected wardrobe malfunction on the June 19 episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” but she couldn’t have been cooler with her response.

While a clip of her new movie, “Daddio,” played on the program, the top of her dress came undone, and viewers didn’t know what happened until cameras pointed back at Johnson, who was holding up her gown with her hands.

“My dress just — it just fell off,” she said while trying to re-hook the straps back together.

“Should I get some Scotch tape? It seems to be hanging in all right,” Kimmel said.

The actor proceeded to talk about “Daddio,” which also stars Sean Penn. She plays a woman who opens up to her taxi driver (Penn) during a ride home from the airport, and the two discuss important relationships in their lives.

Dakota Johnson tries to fix the straps of her dress after they broke off on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” YouTube

“By the way, you guys did a great job in this movie,” Kimmel said. “For those who haven’t seen it, which is everybody so far, it’s just the two of you in a cab ride the whole time having a conversation.”

“Yeah,” Johnson replied while looking down at her dress.

“Just hold the important part,” Kimmel joked.

Johnson then grabbed her chest to hold up her dress as Kimmel’s studio audience proceeded to laugh.

“The movie is really good,” she laughed in return.

Kimmel then asked Johnson about a particular part in the movie when her character received a “d— pic” from her boyfriend. He told her that he was curious about how they got someone to submit a photo of their genitals for the film.

“Where did it come from?” he jokingly asked.

“When we were casting the d— pic … there’s not really a backstock of penis photos that are usable in movies,” she said.

“Our amazing props master, Diana Burton, who is a woman in her 60s, had a group of her male friends just anonymously send in photos to her, and then we sat around, the four of us, me, my producing partner, Ro (Donnelly), our director, Christy (Hall), just like four women like, ‘This one’s nice. That one’s not great.’ We really studied them,” she added.

When the selection was narrowed down to two, Johnson said they picked the winner by thinking about the type of guy her character would go for, and since he’s “such a douchebag,” they knew that there had to be something “impressive” about him, she explained.

“Interesting,” Kimmel said.

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