Dakota Johnson Powers Through Wardrobe Malfunction During Kimmel Interview

Dakota Johnson suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during a “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” appearance, but worry not, the actress handled it like a pro.

The incident came as the late night show returned from commercial break Wednesday night, and saw Johnson holding both the pieces of her dress on her left shoulder. Kimmel himself making light of the situation, laughing “Dakota, your dress just came unhooked,” and asking if he should get some Scotch tape.

“My dress just — it just fell off!” Johnson marveled. “Well, I’ll just hold it.”

And indeed, the actress literally held onto her dress for the remainder of the interview, while Kimmel dutifully kept the interview moving. Fortunately for Johnson, no body parts were actually exposed in the wardrobe malfunction, and she was able to keep the dress together.

From there Kimmel and Johnson discussed the casting process for an explicit photo in her new film “Daddio,” which apparently saw several applicants.

Of course, this isn’t the first wardrobe mishap Johnson has had on television. Back in 2016, while presenting at the People’s Choice Awards, the actress suffered a similar issue but, once again, made it through mostly unscathed, and powered through it with jokes.

You can watch Johnson’s full appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in the video above.

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