Southernmost Full Moon

Tomorrow night’s full moon is in the constellation Sagittarius, the southernmost zodiacal constellation. The full moon doesn’t get any more southerly and close to the southern horizon on nights around the summer solstice.

This should make sense as we already know the sun is now at its highest in the sky, in the zodiacal constellation Taurus, near Gemini.

Since the full moon and the sun are opposite each other in their paths along the zodiac, you’ll find the full moon hovering close to the southern sky. If you are wandering South Beach during the night this weekend, you’ll see the moon only a short distance above the horizon. For those who love the feelings associated with summer, a low full moon will add some poetry to the evening.

In contrast, during that week of the first day of winter, in December, the full moon reaches overhead. The full moon is precisely in the same place as our hot high sun this weekend.

Where are the Planets?

All our visible nightime planets are in the morning sky. Saturn is the first planet rising in the east after midnight. Some hours later the planet Mars shows up with a reddish color. The planet Jupiter, the brighest of the three doesn’t appear in the eastern sky until dawn.

Well into July, Venus is about to show up in our western sky after sunset.

Sunrise and Sunset Day Sunrise Sunset Fri., June 21 5:07 8:19 Sat., June 22 5:07 8:19 Sun., June 23 5:07 8:19 Mon., June 24 5:07 8:19 Tues., June 25 5:08 8:20 Wed., June 26 5:08 8:20 Thurs., June 27 5:08 8:20 Fri., June 28 5:09 8:20

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