Chappell Roan Reflects on Meteoric Rise During ‘Fallon’ Debut: ‘I Was Right All Along’

During a performance last week, Chappell Roan got emotional telling her audience about how she has been processing her meteoric rise, which was already quick-moving and seems to have completely exploded following her performance at Governors Ball. But when the eccentric musician arrived for her appearance on The Tonight Show and host Jimmy Fallon asked how she’s been feeling lately, she responded without a hint of doubt, “It feels like I was right all along.”

If Roan knew this moment was coming, it’s only because she worked for it. The singer recalled the time she signed her first record deal, an accomplishment that was announced to her entire high school via loud speaker in the same sentence as the lunch special of the day. People thought she was lying, she said, and even though she wasn’t, her reality was far from glamourous. It wasn’t until around one year ago that Roan was earning enough money from music to pay her rent and make a living.

“I mean, I feel kind of like I’d made it already whenever I was like, ‘oh my god, people showed up to my concert,’” Roan explained. “It was like, people came? Everything else has been the cherry on top.”

And the cherry on top of Roan’s The Tonight Show appearance was an extravagant performance of her latest single “Good Luck, Babe!” The singer performed in an icy ensemble, decked out in feathers and framed by a swan bench in her on-stage garden. The record marks her first release since sharing her debut album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess last year.

“I just wanted to make something that I could party to and other people could party to, and something that I would never be sad or bored performing,” Roan shared earlier in the night. “That’s why I changed so hard to pop, pop, pop, because it was so boring performing sad songs. It’s not fun to go on tour and, like be sad for months and months and months.”

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