Peso Pluma’s ‘Éxodo’ Songs Ranked Worst to Best

Peso Pluma was suddenly everywhere last year thanks to his distinctive sound, powered by charchetas, trombones and — perhaps his most important instrument — his nasally and raspy vocals. In a matter of months, the Mexican-born corridos singer became one of the biggest artists in Latin music and, undoubtedly, the leader of regional Mexican music’s new generation of hitmakers.

After placing a handful of tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 — he officially sparked the corridos revival, propelling it towards mainstream territories — Peso kept the momentum going with his Grammy-winning Génesis, which made history when it debuted and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200, the highest ranking for a Mexican music album on the tally.

While Génesis served almost as an introduction to Peso Pluma — although he had already released two previous albums — Éxodo has a different purpose. It can almost be looked at as Peso’s mission statement as he continues to explore the type of artist he wants to be. With this dual, two-disc album — one side corridos and the other trap, hip-hop — Peso breaks from being boxed in the regional Mexican space and becomes more of a difficult-to-define artist, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The versatility that Peso showcases in Éxodo only opens doors for the 25-year-old superstar who, even without having to record outside of regional Mexican, had already gained major mainstream attention. Now, as he raps in English and Spanish — alongside English-language hitmakers like Cardi B, Quavo and Rich the Kid — Peso solidifies his commitment to becoming truly a global artist.

Below, Billboard ranks all 24 songs from Éxodo, in descending order.

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