Watch Snoop Dogg Run the 200m Race at the 2024 Summer Olympic Trials

Snoop Dogg is checking things off his bucket list he probably never imagined as he completes another side mission of life.

With Snoop onboard as a guest commentator for NBC at the 2024 Summer Olympics, he participated in the 200m trial run in Oregon over the weekend.

Rocking a team USA shirt honoring the late Kobe Bryant to go with his American flag-themed pants, the Doggfather laced up his Nike kicks for the race against Ato Boldon and Wallace Spearmon on Sunday (June 23).

Unfortunately, Snoop’s competition ended up leaving him in the dust as he finished the race in a distant third place with a time of 34.44 seconds. For comparison, the 2020 Olympic gold medalist clocked in at 19.62 seconds.

“34.44 for a 52-year-old? Ain’t bad,” he said, clapping in approval when he saw his time.

After regaining his breath, Snoop lent his hilarious commentary to the steeplechase run as part of the broadcast. “Oh he’s jumping on top of the hurdle. You can do that?! That was a cold trick right there. I like that one. Went off the tippy-top,” he said in shock.

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Fans were loving hearing Snoop on the broadcast. “NEED THIS IN THE OLYMPICS,” one person tweeted, while another added, “Snoop gonna always be an icon.”

Expect plenty of more Snoop Dogg, as he’ll be part of the coverage team making its way to Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. The LBC native will deliver “regular reports” on the Olympic Primetime Show beginning July 26.

Find highlights of Snoop’s running and broadcasting below.

@nbcolympics Snoop Dogg had to check out his speed at Hayward Field during TrackFieldTrials24! 🔥 ♬ original sound – NBC Olympics & Paralympics

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