Watch Snoop Dogg’s Hilarious Commentary on the Steeplechase at U.S. Track & Field Trials

NBC Olympics reporter Snoop Dogg’s vivid steeplechase call won social media. “That was a cool trick right there,” he said. “I liked that one.”

Snoop Dogg, an NBC Special Correspondent for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, is delivering the gold standard for colorful commentary.

The 52-year-old rapper was totally on his game at the Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon, where Snoop’s called the steeplechase, an unusual race with hurdles and water barriers.

Snoop Dogg’s delightful take from the sidelines became a hot topic on social media. “Oh, he jumped on the top of the hurdle. You can do that?” Snoop said excitedly while watching participants in action. “That was a cool trick right there. I liked that one. He went off the tippy top.”

NBC Sports got a charge out of their correspondent’s coverage. On X, formerly Twitter, they called his commentary “electric.”

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What is steeplechase? Steeplechase is an unusual track event. Participants must “overcome various obstacles — fixed barriers and water jumps — during the course of a 3000m race to make it to the finish line,” according to The event, which debuted at the Olympics in 1920, is modeled after horse steeplechase. Original racers ran from one town’s church steeple to another, hence the name. During the course of the event, each runner has to clear 28 fixed barriers and seven water jumps to make it to the finish line.

Snoop Dogg put his stamp on steeplechase

Snoop had done his homework and had a working knowledge of the event. He summarized the key rules, but was clearly in awe of how racers moved in a tightly bunched formation. He even made up a rhyme on the spot about the athletes racing through the water.

“What we’re about to see right now is they’re about to get to dipping, gripping, riding, slipping, and hopefully not sliding,” Snoop said. “Jumping over this hurdle. Ah! In the water. Oh, get up outta there. They comin’ up behind him seven-, eight-deep like horses. I love it.”

He also loved it when a racer leapt off the top of a hurdler. “That was a cool trick right there,” he enthused. “I liked that one. He went off the tippy-top.”

NBC covers all the track & field trials action

NBC’s coverage of Team Track & Field Olympics Trials continues through June 30 from Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

When NBC announced that Snoop was part of Team Paris, he expressed his joy. “I grew up watching the Olympics and am thrilled to see the incredible athletes bring their A-game to Paris,” he said. “I will be bringing that Snoop style to the mix.”

Snoop Dogg isn’t in the City of Light yet, but he’s already bringing it and showing that he’s “the tippy top.”

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