Julie Chrisley To Be Resentenced in Bank Fraud and Tax Evasion Case

Julie Chrisley just scored a pretty significant legal win, one that her husband wasn’t afforded. Julie and Todd Chrisley made their names as reality stars on Chrisley Knows Best. But these days, the Chrisleys are in the zeitgeist for their crimes.

In 2022, the couple was convicted of conspiring to defraud community banks. The two were looking to take out more than $30 million in fraudulent loans. They also faced charges of tax evasion given their lavish lifestyle and hidden earnings.

From the moment the two received their conviction, they fought it. And while Todd hasn’t had much luck, Julie might receive some excellent news soon.

Higher court demands a reduced sentence for Julie

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On June 21, AP News reported that Julie’s sentence would be updated. Federal appeals judges threw out her initial sentencing and asked the lower courts to rework the matter. The appellate panel called Julie’s initial sentencing a “narrow issue.”

The three judges of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Todd and Julie’s original convictions. However, their ruling postulated an error in the verdict toward Julie. The judges ruled that the lower court made an error in calculating her sentence, holding her accountable for the entire bank fraud scheme.

The issue of Julie’s sentencing went back to the lower court, with no word on specifics just yet. The Chrisleys’ attorney, Alex Little, said, “We’re pleased that the Court agreed that Julie’s sentence was improper, but we’re obviously disappointed that it rejected Todd’s appeal.” Still, the Chrisley family remained “hopeful for more good news in the future.”

As for the judges, they explained that the Chrisleys’ scheme dates back to 2006. However, neither prosecutors nor the lower court judge could cite “any specific evidence showing [Julie] was involved in 2006.” The panel found evidence from 2007 onward.

The three-judge panel said, “We must vacate Julie’s sentence so the district court can address the narrow issue of what the proper loss amount attributable to Julie is.”


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