Lainey Wilson Shares ‘Whirlwind’ Track List Featuring a Miranda Lambert Collab

Lainey Wilson has revealed the track list for Whirlwind, her follow-up to 2022’s Bell Bottom Country.

“Writing & recording these 14 songs over the past couple of years has helped me stay grounded in ways you’d never believe,” Wilson captioned an Instagram post that unveiled the track list. “This album brought me back to my roots and made me feel at home during times when I couldn’t have been further away and my biggest hope is that it gives you that same sense of comfort that it has for me.”

Among the 14 tracks is a collaboration with Miranda Lambert titled “Good Horses.” It also features the song “4x4xU,” which is set to arrive ahead of the album, on July 4. “Y’all can pre-save, pre-add, or pre-order it now to get a sneak peek of 4x4xU tomorrow,” she added, teasing Whirlwind’s latest single.

Wilson has previously shared Whirlwind singles “Hang Tight Honey” and “Country’s Cool Again.” The album, her third studio release for BBR Music Group, finds the musician teaming up with producer Jay Joyce once again.

In addition to the Whirlwind news, Wilson unleashed the new single “Out of Oklahoma” from the soundtrack for Twisters last week. Of her contribution for the soundtrack, she wrote on Instagram, “It’s wild how life throws a theme at you ain’t it, my life the past few years has felt like a twister … hence why I titled my new album Whirlwind.” Trending Why Is Everybody Talking About the Hawk Tuah Girl? Shifty Shellshock, Frontman of Crazy Town, Dead at 49 Tana Mongeau Opens Up About Alleged Underage Hookup With YouTuber Cody Ko After a Near-Fatal Crash, Xavi Is Seizing This Moment

She continued: “So when I got the opportunity to write a song for the new Twisters movie, it was a challenge I couldn’t pass up. Reading Kate’s story, I found a lot of parallels between our lives. We’re both chasing wild and crazy careers, but they make us feel something and give us a sense of home.”

Whirlwind Track List

1. “Keep Up With Jones”

2. “Country’s Cool Again”

3. “Good Horses” featuring Miranda Lambert

4. “Broken Hearts Still Beat”

5. “Whirlwind”

6. “Call a Cowboy”

7. “Hang Tight Honey”

8. “Bar in Baton Rouge”

9. “Counting Chickens”

10. “4x4xU”

11. “Ring Finger”

12. “Middle of It”

13. “Devil Don’t Go There”

14. “Whiskey Colored Crayon”

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