CDC issues Health Advisory over increase in dengue fever cases

BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – The CDC issued a Health Advisory yesterday about dengue fever. It said there have been more cases reported than is typical for this time of year in multiple countries.

Epidemiologist Amanda Bakken with North Dakota Health and Human Services said dengue cases aren’t common this far north in the continental U.S., but there’s still a small possibility of contracting the virus if you travel to places where it is more common. She said those places are usually other countries and a few states in the south like Florida.

“Preventing mosquito bites— you know, all of our key factors: insect repellant, long pants, long sleeves, sleeping under a bed net if you’re in one of those areas— those are all key to preventing yourself from acquiring dengue,” Bakken said.

Bakken said symptoms include dehydration, nausea and a rash, but these can vary greatly from person to person. She said you should seek medical help if your symptoms become severe.

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