Xbox Live is down, so you can’t sign into your Xbox account

Xbox Live experienced a major sign-in outage Tuesday afternoon that made it impossible to log into your Xbox profile to play games online.

I noticed it after attempting to sign into my Xbox Live account on my Xbox Series X. I got an error message telling me to “try again in a while.” A quick glance at X (formerly Twitter) confirmed that I was not the only person to have this issue. “We are aware that some users have been disconnected from Xbox Live. We’re investigating! Please follow here and on our status page for updates,” the official X account for Xbox Support tweeted.

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Looking at Microsoft’s Xbox Live status support page provided more details on the outage. It affected Account & Profile features, in particular across PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and even cloud gaming on iOS and Android. “You may not be able to sign-in to your Xbox profile, may be disconnected while signed in, or have other related problems. Features that require sign-in like most games, apps and social activity won’t be available,” the website stated.

This outage was pretty frustrating, as account sign-ins are required for many modern Xbox games. As a result, many games like XDefiant were rendered unplayable on Xbox because players couldn’t sign in. Thankfully, Microsoft resolved these account sign-in issues by 5:49 p.m. PT Tuesday night, and I was able to log into my Xbox Live account on Xbox Series X again. “Users should no longer be encountering issues signing in to Xbox Live and services,” Xbox Support tweeted. “Thank you for your patience, game on!”

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