Shakur Stevenson – Artem Haruntunyan summary online, round by round, stats and highlights

Stevenson too defensive to turn on fans in title defense

Well after all the hyperbole, this was meant to be a fight that would showcase the full potential that Shakur Stevenson possesses. Upset with what he saw as the lack of promotion by Top Rank, Stevenson made big of the fact that he would go home to New Jersey and show boxing fans that he was worthy of the big fights.

In the end it was nothing of the sort.

Artem Harutyunyan was overmatched from the beginning. His style consisted of straightforward aggression, and while he was not by any stretch of the imagination out of place in the ring, he was tailor made as the type of opponent that Stevenson should have put away in easy fashion.

Despite what two of the scorecards said, Stevenson did not have an easy night of it. Slow and sluggish as the fight got underway Stevenson lost the first four rounds, and arguably lost the ninth as well. It was a very close fight, and that was almost criminal.

Those first rounds that Stevenson lost, we’re lost entirely because Stevenson was just too defensive. He was slow and sluggish, unwilling to let his hands go, and allowed himself to be picked off. Once he woke up and actually got into the fight, Stevenson dominated his opponent. Once he woke up.

Now Stevenson is looking for big money fights against Lomachenko or Tank. If he starts as slow as he did tonight against either of those opponents, he’ll never see the fourth round.

As if in confirmation of all these problems, the crowd in Newark began filing out of the arena after the eleventh round. It’s a true puzzle for boxing fans. Shakur Stevenson is supremely talented. His defense is outstanding. And he is unbelievably boring to watch.

Boxing, first and foremost, is a spectacle. Give the people what they want to see. And while everyone can agree that’s Stevenson is a world champion level fighter, he is not, unfortunately, what the people want to see.

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