July 8, 2024, Hurricane Beryl news

Beryl brought more than 13 inches of rain to a few parts of the Houston area over the last 48 hours — a remarkable amount in such a short time for the area, which averages around 15 inches in the summertime (June, July and August).

Here are some notable 48-hour rainfall totals in the Houston area as of Monday night:

Del Monte Park in Houston : 13.55 inches

: 13.55 inches Spring, Texas: 13.53 inches

13.53 inches Thompsons, Texas : 13.42 inches

: 13.42 inches Hilshire Village, Texas: 13.41 inches

Also, the 48-hour rainfall totals at two major Houston airports — the William P. Hobby Airport (5.59 inches) and the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (4.98 inches) — both exceeded the airports’ average July rainfall.

Looking ahead: What is left of Beryl will move quickly to the northeast out of Texas and into Arkansas by early Tuesday. The storm will move into Indiana by Wednesday and into Canada by Thursday morning.

Flood watches are in effect for more than 8 million people from eastern Texas to southern Illinois, and will largely expire on Tuesday. The heaviest rainfall through early Tuesday is expected for northeastern Texas, northwestern Louisiana, southeastern Oklahoma and much of Arkansas. Rainfall rates up to 3 inches per hour are possible.

Rainfall totals of 3-5 inches (or more, in places) are expected across portions of far southeastern Oklahoma, Arkansas and southern Missouri through Tuesday. Generally, 2-4 inches of rain are expected across the rest of Missouri and into Illinois through Wednesday morning. Locally, considerable flash and urban flooding is possible.

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