Argentina vs Canada live updates: Lionel Messi scores as world champions reach Copa America final

Jesse Marsch speaking after Canada’s loss: “The tournament caught up with us a little bit… In the end, we’re still in the beginning of our process, right? Argentina has maybe had eight years together, seven years together with this team. And so we need to develop more players that can contribute so that we can also rotate in tournament play, because eventually the physicality and the fatigue can catch up with you. And that was a big part of what happened with us today.

“I think in general, what I said to the team afterwards is: I know that they’re very disappointed, but I’m very proud of them. You know, we’ve put together some incredible performances… We need to continue to challenge our group to come together and be able to perform in moments like this, but in general, we’ve had a wonderful five weeks together, six weeks together, and and it’s gone way better than any of us could have scripted, so there’s still a lot of work to do, but we’ve built a really good foundation and I’m really optimistic about what the future can look like.

“I took this job seven weeks ago. I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be right here, right now, right? So I’m really happy with the team and really happy with the progress.”

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