Gypsy Rose Blanchard announces she’s pregnant: “I want to be everything my mother wasn’t”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard announced she’s pregnant and expecting her first baby with boyfriend Ken Urker.

Blanchard, 32, told her followers she was 11 weeks pregnant in a 9-minute YouTube video on Tuesday, calling it a “blessing.”

“Ken and I are expecting our very first child come January of 2025,” she said. “We’re both very excited. This was not planned at all, it was completely unexpected, but we’re both very excited to take on this new journey of parenthood.”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard announced she was 11 weeks pregnant in a YouTube video on Tuesday. / Getty Images

Blanchard was previously engaged to Urker in 2018 and started dating him following her separation from ex-husband Ryan Anderson.

Blanchard and Anderson split up earlier this year, three months after they wed while she was in prison for her role in the murder of her mother. She had been sentenced to 10 years for second-degree murder over the death of her mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard, who was killed by Blanchard’s then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn. Blanchard was released last year after seven years in prison. Godejohn was sentenced to life in prison.

Blanchard said on Tuesday she’s feeling some of the pregnancy symptoms, including food cravings and mood swings. She also reflected on the “amazing feeling when your world shifts.”

“Suddenly, it’s not about you,” she said. “It’s not about anything other than the tiny little life that’s inside you, that you are now in charge of protecting.”

“That little tiny life is a baby, a little tiny human that’s yours, that you have to make sure you protect, you love, you take care of,” said Blanchard, who started to tear up.” All of the things I wished I could have had when I was little. … All of the things that I wanted in a mother, I want to give to this baby.”

“I just want to be a good mother for my child, I want to be everything my mother wasn’t.”

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