Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield Have a Car-Accident Meet-Cute

Is hitting a guy with your car the new bend and snap? In the trailer for A24’s upcoming film We Live in Time, Almut (Florence Pugh) mows down Tobias (Andrew Garfield) with her Mini Cooper. Luckily for Pugh’s character, their collision proves to be life-changing in a good, romantic kind of way, not in a tragic-vehicular-incident kind of way. A chat in the hospital turns into a one-night stand. “Whether we like it or not, the clock is ticking,” Tobias says to the confusion of Almut, a chef building her career. Why rush the relationship? “Because I’m worried there’s a very distinct and real possibility that I’m about to fall in love with you.” The years pass in impressionistic shots of the English countryside and them riding bumper cars at a local fair; a daughter is born. We cut to Almut with buzzed hair at a doctor’s office, preparing for cancer treatment. A tragedy averted at the beginning of their story doesn’t mean a new tragedy can be avoided. “I’m not interested in a treatment that accidentally wastes our time,” Almut admits. The cute and sweet part of the movie sets us up for something sad, we guess. We’ll have our tissues ready this fall when the John Crowley–directed film hits theaters.


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